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Thread: How to upgrade your B14 brakes by raiding the Nissan parts bins

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2010-08-11 02:25:54
OK I realised what I did wrong, I initially read about the b13 (unknowing it was specific to b13s) upgrade using the jdm nx rotors and 91-94 calipers and thats where the ebrake problem surfaced, needless to say, that setup failed me then I did more indepth reading rather than skimming and found that the b14 setup is as you guys kept saying (my fault for not paying close attention), was the a32/maxima 95-99 calipers and redrilled 95-99 11"() rotors, everthing hooked up like a charm, thanks Joekuh and happynole for the help/advice
2010-08-11 13:15:31
NP. I'm guessing you were trying to use the 91-94 Maxima calipers?
2010-08-11 21:39:01
Lol, yup..just test drove the car, braking is excellent and pedal feel is very good too
2010-08-11 22:09:47
And you're using the stock M/C right?
2010-08-12 05:47:45
No actually I'm running the altima mc and the nx with 11.75" rotors up front for now
2010-08-12 15:42:05
I see. Everyone upgrades to the Altima M/C because of the proportioning valve, but I'm curious to see how the stock M/C would work out.
2010-08-12 20:53:50
That makes more sense to me now. In both my NX and SE-R, I upgraded to the Altima M/C when I upgraded stock brakes. The NX went to Wilwoods and the SE-R went to ad22's, both with P10 rears. I really liked the pedal feel with the upgraded m/c in both setups. In my B14 that just had it's brakes upgraded, I still have the stock m/c. It stops significantly better than when I got it, but the pedal feels mushy to me.

I will be swapping m/c's as soon as I can pick one up from Mr V
2010-08-12 21:10:56
Thanks Mr Nole and spoogy. Got to update the thread!
2010-08-13 02:57:56
Does the e-brake still work with the rear upgrade?
2010-08-13 03:00:15
Originally Posted by STEPHEN
Does the e-brake still work with the rear upgrade?

He took the time to make this thread, maybe you should take the time to read it. You will find your answer
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