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Thread: How To: Prothane Motor Mounts

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2009-02-28 00:24:59
Oh you were talking about cutting for the bold, I though you meant shaving the sides for better fitment hehe. In the case of cutting yeah that's a must in my opinion
2009-03-13 22:05:11
Put in my prothanes
Well I got my car up on jack stands read to install my prothanes.

Getting the old mounts out was really easy in my opinion ( Ihave yet to remove the engine mount so, we'll see how that treats me)

A sawzall is awesome, cut the rubber out and then move on to the metal ring. use the sawzall and cut through it *carefully* in 2 spots relatively close to each other. This will help when bending the mtal away.

I used 4 screw drivers all of different shank sizes, This is what they look like now

When pressing them in I use nothing but a cheazy wooden vise

And 2 of these;

^The above was very easy but i wish i had a better vise

All in all for these 3 mounts it took me about 4 hours, Which I think is great time for doing it by myself.

This was alot easier than I expected, the key is to go at it with a positive outlook and swing that hammer hard

2009-03-14 02:31:48
2009-03-14 04:27:21
As I stated above, I have yet to get to that one, I guess i'll see if it is hard for me or not. the reason i ahve yet to do it is that is the only thing holding up my engine in my car right now along with a scizzor supporting form underneath.
2009-04-15 03:28:19
I set my mounts on fire Burned the rubber crap out and that made it easier to tak a screw driver and drive it between the mount and the inner ring. once i had the screw driver through ibanged on the bent part a couple times and it drive it right out. the passenger top mount had me stumped for a bit. with and extra bulge of metal in the inner ring it was too sturdy to sperate with a screw driver. and then it just dawned on me. the inner ring on the other two actually slides into the passenger mount and cathes the buldge. few smacks with a sledge hammer and it slide right out. cleaned the mounts up painted 2 and they are back on the engine. now it just has to go in the car......
2009-08-24 17:02:47
all I did was use a grinder to smooth down the edge lip around the insert and then slide it right in by hand with no tools. Doesnt effect anything and requires no tools except the the grinder and removal/installation tools.
2009-08-24 18:36:11
Originally Posted by lothar863
the passenger top mount had me stumped for a bit. with and extra bulge of metal in the inner ring it was too sturdy to sperate with a screw driver.

All I did was use a cutting torch on it. Came out real easy
2009-08-24 19:39:44
just had the mispleasure of taking my prothanes out of my nx. do your best to make sure before install that you cut the outer lip enough to get the bolt to go in straight because if you dont, it's a B#$%#$ to get off again.
2011-07-05 03:27:38
hood rattle fix: take a 3" piece of electrical tape and wrap it around the hood catch loop, then cut three 3/4" pieces and layer them on the little metal support thingie to the right of the catch loop. WOrks for approximately four months, then re-do
2011-12-13 11:02:12
Soon to be completed....
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