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Thread: 2018 National Convention Gainesville,FL April 20-22

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2018-05-05 14:51:08
Yah, you mentioned that in chat. I'm sorry I've been a hermit. I really need to get my ducks in a row this year. If I can get healthy, I'll be unstoppable, and game for anything.
2018-05-16 21:44:16
2018-05-18 09:16:02
2018-05-19 09:00:24
So they used clips from the convention for their marketing? Cool cool.
2018-05-23 14:14:33
Where are the rest of the pics? I saw lots of people taking pics of the event.
2018-05-23 15:08:20
I do not have many more. I was busy actually doing things this year. Not sitting in a parking lot.

I also would venture a guess that all the other pictures are buried, balls deep, lost forever, in the depths of Facebook. Because if Zuck cannot make money form your post, it is utterly worthless, deemed as trash and will sink to the bottom of everyone feed. It is tragic that the mass of people choose to use that guy piece of shit service just to talk to one another.

I already can no longer view the Convention Discussion page, for some fucking stupid reason. I am prompted to log-in to Facebook or invited to create an account. Cute... while I managed to log-in using Chelseas account, the feeds are annoying, I have no idea how anyone can follow anything on Facebook. I asked Chelsea to log in her account, just to view the Convention Discussion page and I could not follow anything by simple date format. Just a slew of random responses. Some I have not seen before and others were older posts, yet somehow higher up in the feed. Once again, based on this shitty Facebook Zuck-derived algorithm that some silicone valley geeks with the "soul" goal of profit, not information in mind.

Forum > Facebook.
2018-05-23 20:46:03
What Kyle said.
2018-05-24 16:48:52
Skip to 2:05 if you want to get right to it...from the quietest car on the track haha. Thanks to Khyle for taking the vid.
2018-05-25 01:54:59
Originally Posted by 1fastser
Skip to 2:05 if you want to get right to it...from the quietest car on the track haha. Thanks to Khyle for taking the vid.

You were running some good lines man!! cant wait to get back out there again.

Heres another vid by Gio in his VE+T P10
Last edited by Kyle on 2018-05-25 at 08-28-35. Reason: activate URL
2018-05-26 09:08:32
Watched both videos. Looks like fun!
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