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Thread: Discuss the future of the national convention.

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2015-04-07 14:18:01
My honest opinion, there is no "community." There is a collection of individuals (I include myself in the collection of individuals) with a few small pockets of tight-nit groups. This collection cannot support conventions like the ones in the past. Here are my reasons why the group of SE-R owners have shrunk:

  1. People have moved on from these cars because they have almost no value anymore except the extrinsic value put on it. That extrinsic value only applies to people that own these cars, not to anyone on the outside. (e.g. a 20 year old Corvette holds its value way better then these cars. Even a 20 year old Honda Civic often has better extrinsic value)
  2. As an average, people that own these cars (myself included) are very thrifty. Most are not willing to buy expensive parts and are trying to find deals. This is a big reason why there is no aftermarket support for these platforms. Without aftermarket support, there is little hype to help create and spur growth of SE-R enthusiasts.
  3. As an average, people that own these cars want everything but aren’t willing to pay for it. This just pisses people off, like point #2.
    • If you want an example, try to sell something, especially an interior part now. It MUST be MINT CONDITION, ¼ the price you paid for it, and shipping must be free. (a little exaggeration, but not that farfetched) I refuse to sell interior parts now, it just isn’t worth my time to try to sell a door panel for <$20 when people are going to baulk at the $35 extra to ship. I cannot help shipping prices! Heck, most of the time I am spending an hour building my own cardboard boxes and packing as tight as possible to help the buyer on shipping costs.
    • When it comes to conventions, the same thing applies. People want everything but aren’t willing to pay for it. If people really were willing to pay for it, you would have NO problem getting the money up front.
  4. People that own these cars priorities have changed as they got older. There really isn’t a continually infusion of younger generations so the age of ownership around here is getting older and older. As an example, my own priorities have changed due to many different circumstances, so I have dropped the goal of racing cars and moved on to different pastures.
  5. People that own these cars can come off as elitists because they “belong to a tight nit community.” People are not willing to join or welcome other communities and share in the joy of owning cars. This has likely contributed to the decline in enthusiasts.
    • As an example, my friend and I hosted a local SE-R meet a while back. We decided to open it up to any Nissan enthusiast. There were a number of SE-R owners, a number 350z owners, and a few other older Nissan/Datsun owners. Can you guess what happened? Two groups segregated with almost no interaction or conversation between the two groups. Honestly, it bothered me that that happened.
    • How many people in this thread keep saying to keep conventions for SE-Rs only? Joe, would your 2009 Convention have been as successful if you didn’t open it to others outside of the SE-R collection? I do recall almost 10, if not more, non SE-R cars out on the track (at least a quarter of the folks on the track).

In summary, I believe there is no “community” as there once was, nor will it ever come back. If you want to host a successful convention, open it up to as wide a field as possible. Hopefully, with enough outside folks willing to front the money you could nail down a track.
2015-04-07 14:21:19
I enjoyed reading your post @natethebrown

Thank you.
2015-04-07 14:23:05
Any person or group of trustworthy people with a decent game plan can and will be able to host a convention there is no secret society at all
2015-04-07 16:17:23
For fucks sake there is too much drama about this. Shit happens and shit comes up, deal with it. Instead of complaining about what happened years back, focus on whats in front of us. So the track day got canceled, that really sucks, but whats the solution to it? Its certainly not complaining and bitching about who didn't do something or what the next person should do, we should be circling the wagons and finding the best solution to the problem. You can point fingers and blame the next guy, but who is doing something about this? Joe, I love you to death, but I don't think starting your own thing down south is helpful, Its just divides the community more. This is a community. This a a big family. I have been apart of this for over 10 years, and it shouldn't end because people are bickering like little fucking kids whos toy got broken. If you all want this shit to end, this is the way to do it. If you dont, act like adults and fix the problem.
2015-04-07 16:21:18

/Thread LOL
2015-04-07 16:28:58
Originally Posted by Ben
we should be circling the wagons and finding the best solution to the problem.

This is what I have been trying to accomplish since the news broke about the 2015 track day at Summit Point was cancelled.
2015-04-07 16:38:02
It is a shame that 2015 will not have a track day, but 2016 definitely can. Start putting real plans together if you think you're up to the task of hosting in 2016, I'll be accepting proposals in person in June.

-Secret Society Comptroller
2015-04-07 18:03:18
The Road Course was on the EVENT SCHEDULE! THE ROAD COURSE ORGANIZING STAFF STATED THEY HAVE A SCCA WEEKEND EVENT SCHEDULED AFTER WE PUT IN OUR REQUEST TO RUN AT THIS ROAD COURSE. What the fuck is wrong with everyone complaining? Do you understand that after we were presented with this situation we tried every possible thing to have a road course event within a 200 mile radius of this years convention with no luck. Literally Tried everything, we are still trying to make sure everyone can enjoy each event during the 4 night 5 day weekend.

It takes a lot more money and work to have a road course event. Does everyone understand that? Ok if you dont please revert to google and search how much work it takes to rent a Road course for 1 day, pick any one from the cheapest to most expensive or the small hometown roadcourses to the elite private road courses.

With that being said: Everyone involved with the convention staff has put forth their best effort to have a road course event, a go kart event, a drag racing event, and a picnic.

The Road Course event is Literally the event that needs all the attention. This year it got the most attention and we all got smacked in the face with it. The ability to say the community is going in a different direction and the national convention is at jeopardy is idiotic. All Because of the road course? Are you Fucking kidding me? If you miss this event its your own fault or life gets in the way.

I am appalled by the respected individuals in this thread reacting like children and not looking into this situation for exactly what happened. Instead they are only worried about one thing- themselves. Any of you have any questions about this please feel free to call or text me 203-631-6884. I have no issue discussing this over the phone as you will get a feel for why this happened and what we have done to preserve this tradition that always creates new memories at this LEGENDARY EVENT!

The people make these conventions, the cars are secondary, the fun is endless, the memories are priceless.

Any other questions?
2015-04-07 18:07:31
As someone who has organized a convention, I feel like I can add to this thread. Back in 2003, we were scheduled to use a track in OK (forgot the name), but either the owner or the track went bankrupt a few months before the event. Since there was nothing else near by, the whole thing was on the edge of being canceled. Myself and Thomas Reynolds stepped up and got another one going, but had to move the date from the last spring to mid fall. Time was a concern for this, but also the weather. Summer in the south is not the best time for a track day for either cars or people. For me, the host city was a 3hr drive, and I think 4 or so for him. We both made several trips there to check out the hotels, places near by and the picnic spot to make sure it would work for the group. For everyone back then, not having a track event meant no convention. There were several people who would go just the hang out and watch, but for a majority, it might be the only time that year they were on a track, or their first ever.

I don't drag race, and don't care about it honestly. To me, every strip is the same, there is a start line and either 1/8 or 1/4 mile away, there is a finish line. On a road course, every track is different. Since at least 2000, having a track event was the focal point of the convention. Securing one should be the most important part before anything else is planned. Setting a deadline for entries, then opening the remaining spots to other groups after that, should help fill the sessions. We had the backing of SERCA those days, which helped, but I still had to come out of pocket to make deposits for the track and park.
2015-04-07 18:52:49
Originally Posted by Ben
Instead of complaining about what happened years back, focus on whats in front of us. So the track day got canceled, that really sucks, but whats the solution to it? ...we should be circling the wagons and finding the best solution to the problem.
Ben, I agree 100%.

However, we can't even tackle the issue. We can't circle the wagons. At least not this year. Doing so is pointless until we know what happened, and what went wrong. We're getting zero information from those in the know. Without that information, we can't help solve the problem (this year). I've given up trying.
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