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Thread: Discuss the future of the national convention.

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2015-03-16 02:09:03
Discuss the future of the national convention.
Originally Posted by happynole
Originally Posted by Madtec

I would NOT going to add undue pressure to come up or collect $$ from individuals for the event. I have enough going on with daily family life, work, school, and trying to buy a new house. So if I do not respond to every post don't be offended. Planning an event like this is very hard work so I am not going to waste my time and appease to anyone who wants to pout and complain that we are not having a road course event, if need be I will provide pacifiers for anyone who needs it.

If you were not up to the challenge, may I ask why you VOLUNTEERED to host? As anyone who attended knows, SR2013 was a nightmare to pull off due to weather on the scheduled drag day. I have never drag raced in my life, but I put in the needed time and effort to ensure that EVERYONE attending was able to enjoy their racing venue of choice. I believe it's fair to demand the same from all future hosts lest this whole endeavor collapses. Last year's event being cancelled was truly out of the organizers control as the track was shut down weeks prior to the event. This year YOU just didn't do all of your homework and now the entire team loses.

And since I'm one of the whiny bitches you are willing to write off because we're not worth your time, I'll take my pacifier in red.

well said.
Joe, the 2009 and 2013 conventions were by far THE BEST EVER. Sincere appreciation with giving 110% effort. You made it happen and I still have the best memories of my "car" life. THANK YOU!!!!

The West has their convention, perhaps we time we consider hosting an "east" event...or even a separate NE and SE. The South has a fairly large crowd and I as I have mentioned in a previous post, ATLANTA has the world's busiest airport (everyone can find a flight) and NO LESS THAN 4 tracks within 3+/- hours of each other - One of them being Road Atlanta, arguably "one" of the best in the world. Silver dollar and Atlanta Dragway have 1/4 mile tracks. Plus stuff in the south is fairly inexpensive for the most part......

I believe separate conventions may be more feasible (IE: (SE) Southeast)... Everyone of course is welcome, so long as they aren't some ghetto gangster nonsense, or punk ass phucks that tried to start crap with me at the drags in 2013.

Anyhow, IMO, having separate conventions makes good sense based on economical factors and such. Does anyone else agree???????
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2015-03-16 16:08:43
@95g atl I have moved your post to it's own thread to keep the other one on topic.
2015-03-16 16:30:03
no point of calling it a convention then, might as well call it a annual regional meet.
2015-03-16 21:47:37
Originally Posted by Keo
no point of calling it a convention then, might as well call it a annual regional meet.

Hmmm, west has called their meet a convention last year..... Hell it is posted in the National Convention area.

Quick frankly, I don't see the issue with having a West, Northeast (or mid Atlantic), and a Southeast. Choose which one you want to attend. Or attend them all........

If you wanna ride a go-cart, like I can do right down the road from me for $30, then go to the Mid-Atlantic. Bring some extra cash for the 352 toll roads up there.
If you want a cheap track day, then the west coast it is....followed by surfing later in the evening.
If you want to drive on the track, then come down to the dirty south. BBQ after.
Pick Your Poison.
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2015-03-16 23:27:08
Cool, when and where will the SE convention start?
2015-03-17 01:25:49
Originally Posted by mirrortints
Cool, when and where will the SE convention start?

I am by no means an expert on organizing sr20 conventions.
Joe will hopefully provide input and direction. As said, he has TWO top notch conventions under his belt. Nothing is half assed with Joe. If anyone knows how to do it or can provide direction to someone that would like to organize it, HE is the man!

As far as I am concerned, if we had a SouthEast Convention I would suggest ATLANTA area. (I'm not biased b/c I live in the area). But facts are facts. And as I have mentioned numerous times, Atlanta has the world's busiest airport - you can get a flight here from anywhere. Has TWO dragstrips within 2 hours of each other. Two nice road courses within 1 hour of each other. The cost for hotels, food, etc., in the south is typically WAY less than that of the Mid-Atlantic or Northeast. No toll roads or B/S like that here!!!

Another fact, Georgia is the middle point of Florida and North Carolina/So Virginia. And we have quite a few members in Georgia already.

If that isn't enough, there is Roebling Road in Savannah AND Barber in Alabama. Savannah is a 3 hour drive from Atlanta and Barber is less than a 2 hour drive from Atlanta.

Whatever, wherever, I believe it is looking like each geographical location should strongly consider hosting their own events. No hurt feelings....but from what i've gathered people are pretty upset over the lack of a track day since we have ALWAYS had one (present party included).

------ Folks, please throw some positive OR constructive thoughts out there. Please no bashing or other nonsense. thx
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2015-03-19 20:48:23
Please secure road course days. Five past conventions and three of them have no road course. That negatively affects attendance. I don't want anything to negatively affect attendance.

I know of friends from Canada and from the Pacific that would fly out (if we had a road course) and are cancelling because the road course is gone from the itinerary.
2015-03-19 21:35:07
We can see what the others say........
I am in no position to organize the event. I candid admit that.
HOWEVER, I would offer assistance......
2015-03-20 22:02:51
.....Most of you most likely know that there is info about something in the Atlanta area July 31 at the cost of $250 for the day.
Get in touch w/Joe and secure your spot asap.

After what has transpired on the 2015 Convention thread, I do believe I will not be attending any further conventions unless competent people organize them. More internet thugs, half assed attempts, name calling and such seem to be prevalent on there. I'm really frustrated (and most of us should be) and it really isn't worth the time, effort, aggravation to deal with it IMO. Let others enjoy it....I tend to like the folks here in GA and FL.....and you too Kyle, even though technically you're a northern'er. But I like you and your pops.
2015-03-21 12:09:43
The ppl bitching about the convention are the same ppl not willing to host a convention. Go figure.

And as for Joe's comment, he quickly forgets the position he was in couple years ago.
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