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Thread: Got rod knock? What oil were you using?

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2009-06-01 18:38:10
looking at the poll to me it looks like mobile one aint worth a sh!t .... thats what im using on my ve but from what i understand vs oil pumps are sweet
2009-06-01 22:39:37
Well, this poll will continue for some time, so we can see if there is a trend here. Obviously there are certain brands that people prefer to use. For instance: the pennzoil platinum is really really good, but nobody on this forum really uses it.
2009-06-02 18:00:31
i need to change my oil soon and am going to go away with the mobile 1 ... me and the previous owner used mobile 1 but dont want to spin a bearing .... i have 9lbs flywheel and gspec pulley set and heard mixed reviews on pulleys on the ve ... dont see any issues ive had the flywheel for about 2 years and the pulleys for a little while ... what oil is recommended ? im thinking royal purple ... what u guys thiink ?
2009-06-02 18:08:07
i tried Royal Purple once back when my B14 had about 30K miles and it burned about half a quart, went back to M1 and never burned a drop up until 115K miles when I had my mis-shift.
2009-06-02 18:30:11
i dont have any oil consumption issue at all thank god ... my car doesnt leak a drop either ... i havent had any issues with mobile on but from looking at that post im alittle scared that i might spin a dealing in my rare and expensive n1 ... i do a system fuel cleaning (the real kind not just a bottle in the tank) about every 3k miles and use zmax ... i get it for free so i dont pay for the fuel system clean or the zmax thank god or that will be mad expensive ... i think im going to stay with mobile 1 of no one shows me a good reason to change
2009-06-02 21:18:43
Originally Posted by nickr
i run the automotive blend, blue jug rotella t synthetic 5w40

hmm i wonder how this would compare to the shell helix ultra 5w-40? i have used the ultra before and really liked it
2009-06-02 22:54:05
Originally Posted by ca18
hmm i wonder how this would compare to the shell helix ultra 5w-40? i have used the ultra before and really liked it

From an on paper, shell released info standpoint
rotella t synthetic 5w40
40 centigrade cst 95
100 centigrade cst 15.5
Viscosity index 175
Flash point 224
Pour point -36


helix ultra 5w40
40 centigrade cst 76.3
100 centigrade cst 13.8
Viscosity index 187
Flash point 206
Pour point -42

I'm sure the helix ultra is better, but its not available locally for me.
2009-06-03 06:47:29
i have no idea what then numbers mean lol
2009-06-03 18:53:48
this will be helpful... give her a read

TheDieselStop.Com - www.thedieselstop.com

this is also a must read

2009-06-04 17:39:12
My friends DET developed rod knock running Mobil 1 10w30 synthetic.

I used to run Mobil 1 until they reformulated. Since I got my 2nd B14 Ive been using Eneos and Eneos only 0w20 or 0w50. 0w50 when Im going to do a long trip or on track days. 0w20 when I used to daily drive the car. But Im N/A.
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