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Thread: Got rod knock? What oil were you using?

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2009-05-27 03:42:32
Originally Posted by Coheed
The pennzoil has a high shear strenght. Um I would go with a 5w40 or 15w40 to start. Only run the 50 in the summer time when it is 75*F+

+1, sound advice.
2009-05-27 13:26:38
GC (German Castrol) is probably the best stuff we can use for our SR20's, it is Castrol Syntec 0w30 and it says made in germany on the back. It is a group IV synthetic (like Amsoil) and is more like the US made 5W40 oil.
Was using M1 10w40 but saw very high oil temperatures on the track (250-260 deg F on a 60 deg F days).
I just did a switch on my VE, I put 1L of Syntec 5w50 and 2.5L of GC as I will be primarly tracking the car.

Ohh I forgot, my SR20DE rod blew on the track with Mobil1 10w30 last year!
2009-05-27 23:37:46
M1 sucks. I used to use the 5w30. But I have 2 friends with under 130K miles who change their oil religiously and spun rod bearings. One was a celica 2ZZ motor I rebuilt, the other was a B18. These motors are not real common for spinning rod bearings at low miles like this, especially when everything else is good. Most stock b18 motors go over 200K miles easy. I won't even try to use the 5w10 or the 10w30 M1 ever again. These motors looked brand new inside. No sludge or anything, but heavy wear on the bearings and cam lobes.

I do have some M1 15w50 racing oil that I will try out. This motor only needs to last this season anyway.
2009-05-28 00:01:28
Looks like Pennzoil platinum,and castrol,and shell will be the only oils I run. Right now I run the Pennzoil platinum and never ever, ever noticed any metal chips come from my oil filter or pan. I ran this oil 19 strait back to back runs at import wars ''08'' 70 degree weather no issues what so ever.
2009-05-29 19:36:27
so hold up. im confuse about this rottella oil. Is this oil made for like trucks or something? i looked at the back of my bottle and it had pictures of heavy duty trucks and stuff. I know they have a desiel version but i didnt get that one i just got the regular heavy duty 15w40 rottella oil is that good??
2009-05-29 21:17:08
Yes, it is made for trucks. trucks have more strict wear standards, but less strict emissions standards. Perfect.
2009-05-29 21:29:30
i wonder if that is the reason i get a little smoke to come out my exhaust from time to time because of the oil....I didnt hae that issue when i used penzoil but when i switched to the rottella i started to get that puff of smoke every once in a while... the oil is holding up great. i just checked it and its as new as when i first put it in
2009-05-29 21:41:49
when i initially switched to rotella 5w40 i got an occasional puff on my gti-r, i no longer get that puff and on my 3rd change.
2009-05-29 22:20:23
good. im on like my first in a half. the first was kind of a blend of diffrent oils because i was not planing on running it long. had a lil bit of castrol mobile and rotella lol... Now i did my first full change with the rotella. i will see how long this smoke will last. hopefully it goes away like yours did
2009-05-31 18:55:20
Yep looks like im doing a switch. That was my last oil change Im gonna do mobile 1 with.
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