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Thread: Got rod knock? What oil were you using?

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2010-04-06 22:24:35
Lubro-Moly Synthetic 5-30 this week. Damn expensive stuff.
2010-04-11 18:03:54
what you guys think about Castrol synthec Blend 20W50? Im currently running that oil in my DET... I previously was using Pennzoil 20W50 non synthetic but under abuse the oil pressure will just drop because of oil heating up too much...
2010-04-12 12:20:16
Originally Posted by SER96VSPEC
so I was looking at a couple OEM filters I have sitting in the garage. Looks like the 53J's are made in Japan and the 65F's are made in China. Where does Fram get their filters from? I doubt they have a factory in Japan.

There is a Fram/Honeywell assembly line within 15 miles of me currently. Most filters are made in the USA as far as I can tell. But everyone seems to be cheaping out on the materials.
2010-04-12 12:27:15
Originally Posted by 93specv
kendall 10w40! thats right, petroleum! screw that synthetic crap!!! almost 200k on the original motor, and now 7k on my boosted motor built by me. not a hitch from the old or new.

All group III oils are parafinic hydrocarbons and are pumped from the ground.

Originally Posted by Cliff
I've actually considered going back to a petrol base.

Go figure, most synthetics that are mentioned here now are a Group III. With the exception of the GC, most "Synthetics" are really hyrdrocracked group III oils that have been through a strict distillation/processing and are considered a full-synthetic.

Originally Posted by Nathan_Barstow

I'll be trying the Rotella Synth blend on my next oil change. Does anybody else here use the Lucus Oil Stabilizer regularly? Or would you recommend using it at all with the Rotella?

The lucas oil stabilizer is just a base oil viscosity modifier. By using it, you are basically diluting your oil and lowering the additive %. Sometimes keeping the viscosity is more important, but I wouldn't trust it without another additive.

STP oil additive is cheap, and has good amounts of ZDDP and Moly. It is cheap insurance and you can find it everywhere.
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