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Thread: Dyno Day on Saturday

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2009-03-28 12:50:00
Sorry had you confused with Zero99, he lost his motor yesterday.
2009-03-28 12:53:42
Originally Posted by superblackz
Sorry had you confused with Zero99, he lost his motor yesterday.

yeah it was quite sad, Cleanser also developed some rod knock in his motor
2009-03-28 13:00:03
I heard that, parked behind me. Beautiful car, really well done, sad to see.
2009-03-28 14:03:27
got the flyers, head over soon - thanks!
2009-03-28 15:57:02
headed over now
2009-03-28 16:26:01
Ya, it sucked. I have the blue 200sx. Still haven't determined if it was a piston that became one with the wall or a bearing. Either way we will get her sorted out and back up and running in month.
2009-03-28 18:56:14
Dyno'd at Carter Racing
Thank you to the guys at Carter Racing!

Base 10:1 DE, no internal mods, bolt-ons only, JWT tune ECU (91 map). Just SR20 NA Power. The 90% of torque at 2600 surprised me a little, and the torque curve in general - lots of area. Hp - made linear power all the way almost to 7000 rpm, didn't drop off much at all to 7400 rpm where we cut the test.

Good torque curve, nice linear hp, a little rich on the top end, giving up a little there. Really have to change the JWT ECU to effect any change there, that's due to the tune SCC/DC had done for stock cams, 91 pump gas. Also should have remembered I had all 100 octane in the tank from yesterday, which isn't a help unless the timing was advanced (it wasn't).

Hp and Air Fuel Ratio:

Hp and Torque:

Temps mid 70's, humidity ~65-70%. Checked my air temp at the intake with a probe and ran ~78 deg throughout 3 pulls, no higher.

I notice he shifted so it prob was 3rd/4th gear used.

2009-03-28 19:23:59
Wow props to superblackz for all this footage man. That's good for people like me who couldn't make it.
2009-03-28 19:28:23
my injector just went out and i cant find a replacement
2009-03-28 20:56:21
Hey I got to the dyno late, but I got JUN's car on VID. I'll be posting the VID up later
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