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2009-01-08 04:37:59
If you were a regular guy and knew nothing about the convention. How would you find the date, location or any of that easily on this site?

I dont know about you. But I put myself in those shoes and finding the location, and dates and all isnt that easy. I think more people would be interested or want to know abou tit if it said

SR20 National Convention (then under it)
March 27-29 Where ever it is ect...

I mean people I ask about it have no Idea what im talking about 75% of the time which is shocking to me.
2009-01-08 16:51:41

Seems weird cause there's special sections for it. Besides, I see it in just about every thread, cause there's always someone with it in his avatar.
2009-01-09 01:50:47
Were posthing in the special section...but look around and see how easy it is to find the dates that the convention is happening and the location...

The turbo section says:

Boost addicts

How hard is it to add in the date and location of the convention under the name here? I mean seriously. Ive been asking people here if they are going to the convention and 50% of them have no Idea where its even going to be or when. That should tell you something....
2009-01-09 02:23:00
Here's all your info right on the front page

Here's the info
2009-01-09 09:02:04
Originally Posted by trance34
Here's all your info right on the front page

Here's the info

This is not SR20forum this is Sr20-forum
2009-01-09 15:04:27
Originally Posted by Johnny
This is not SR20forum this is Sr20-forum

oh my bad
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