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Thread: NY to SAVANNAH – I just did the drive

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2009-01-23 16:41:13
Originally Posted by Slow
I wonder just how many peeps from MD/DC/NOVA are planning to go???

same here

I guess we will get an accurate count around early march.

I still havent paid, not even for a room. payment may not be till early march now.
2009-01-23 23:41:52
yep i got there in about 11 hours going there and about 13 going back from aberdeen md
2009-01-23 23:53:44
Originally Posted by jen36
yep i got there in about 11 hours going there and about 13 going back from aberdeen md

Having a caravan should make the drive seem lest tiring and loooong
2009-01-23 23:58:41
also, we need to figure out how long it takes to get to SC cause if we leave early enough we can hit up the caravan from there for the last leg.

OR we can get with the NY guys and join that caravan on there way down.
2009-01-24 00:16:52
its not to bad but im telling you guys right now im taking my time driving down there. i drove my sentra down there with the ga16 motor and i probably killed it driving 90 to 100 mph the whole way there lol.. plus speeding tickets in VA and in SC are very very likely
2009-01-25 01:36:07
Originally Posted by BenFenner

I've found that not to be the case. The time saved going faster just turns into an extra gas station fill-up (or two). I recommend keeping the drive lazy, comfortable and cheaper.

The way I figure it speeding is worth it.
Example: Drive 200 miles @60mph = 3.3 hrs.
Now drive 200 miles @ 80mph = 2.5 hrs.

That's about a 40 minute savings!! Drive 90mph and you'll save over an hour. Multiply that over 800 miles you'll save 3 hours! At 90mph it's over 5 hours saved!!!!!!
Even with an extra 3 fill ups @ 10 minutes each you'll still save 2.5 hours!
Viva la speeding!!!
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