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Thread: Let's talk helmets.

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2008-12-03 20:15:45
Originally Posted by Fosters
At my 1st Convention, I was riding with someone and we went off track. Nothing really happened, but the dirt and grass came pouring into the car. I had my shield up for ventilation, but I wear it down now. There was crap everywhere, but I did have my sunglasses on under my helmet.

I'll always remember seeing the cloud of stuff enveloping us.

I remember that... Steve was driving. I think I still have pictures, somewhere.

Peas us Riced,

P.S. I think Steve went off twice while you were in the car, at the same corner.
2008-12-03 20:59:04
One other thing about SA-rated vs M-rated helmets.

M-rated helmets have a one-impact-based rating (after hitting hard once, they are no longer certified). SA helmets have a multi-impact-based rating.

In most cases, it's not a big deal, but if you plan on driving cars with roll cages, you want to have an SA helmet, because you are bound to bang it on the cage more than a few times. Another point to keep in mind is that M-rated helmets are generally a bit heavier and larger in outside diameter.

They still sell Snell 2000 helmets, which are cheaper, but I recommend a Snell 2005. Not only will it provide better protection, but it will also last longer.

As for open face vs full face, I personally prefer having a closed helmet because I feel safer in them, plus I also use it to go drive rotax karts from time to time. However, when I am coaching/instructing, I sometimes with I had an open-face. It makes it easier to talk to/communicate with the driver.

I don't know if they still sell them, but I bought a Snell SA2005 helmet for a reasonable price two years ago. It's an HJC AR-10 (if you squint, you can see it in my avatar picture ).

One last important point: do a test fit before buying. People tend to buy helmets that are too large. When you try them on, have a friend (or the sales person) shake your helmet from side to side while it is on your head. If it moves, it is too small. Don't buy it too small either, though. You'll get a very bad headache pretty quickly if you do.
2008-12-04 01:43:51
where's somewhere that people can look to buy helmets? bike store?
2008-12-04 05:17:32
Yeah where is somewhere to get a helmet? And how much do they usually run?
2008-12-04 06:17:18
There are a million places that sell helmets on line so that you can gauge prices. If you want to find a place that sells them locally, use the site of whatever brand you are interested in as they typically have shop locators if you want to shop locally. Granted if you have a fabric tape measure you can typically get the right fit if you want to order on line...
2008-12-04 06:21:57
yeah i looked on ebay and they have open face for $150 shipped. Might try one of those.
2008-12-04 11:52:04
If there is no place in your area with helmets in stock, I would suggest that you at least go to a bike store for a test fit on an M helmet. It will give you a ballpark idea of what size works best. Then, you can buy a decent helmet online.

I don't know how often you plan on using it, but I personally prefer paying at least a bit more than the minimum when it comes to safety equipment, but that's just me. Remember that you only have one head and it can't be replaced

Please, make sure that it is at least Snell 2000 rated (M or SA).

They sell AR-10 helmets here for about $300 (way more than reasonable for a full face IMO): HJC Automotive Helmets
2008-12-04 13:03:38
lol i should have expanded on my point. I meant where can someone try helmets LOCALLY. Everyone's saying that you should try your helmet on before you buy it so you can make sure it fits right.
2009-01-10 02:42:15
I'm not sure of your location in florida, I know of a place in west palm beach called wine country motorsports. they have a good selection of everything.
2009-01-13 17:14:18
Originally Posted by Benito
I got this one for the drags, and the occasional auto-x. I like it a lot.

G Force Pro Force Hybrid Helmet - our favorite autocross helmet

Anyone got a fat noggin? I have that same helmet in XL i used once for convention in '06. I doubt I'll get use out of it this year.

I like the fact that it has a wide open eyeport area (I wear glasses) like an open face but has chin/mouth protection

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