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Thread: Track Day for Newbies...general track day questions here

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2008-11-21 14:51:56
I just got off the phone with Kaye at Roebling Road. Either M or SA helmets are acceptable as long as the date range is in line. That means 2000 or newer. Josh is correct in his observation that they aren't inspecting helmets or cars, it will be our responsibility to police ourselves. I am sure that we don't want any issues, so let's all be proactive here and get the correct equipment. And they don't have helmets available for rent at the track, so you'll have to make other arrangements.
2008-11-21 15:25:06
Question, since I plan to get into road racing and need a new bike helmet anyways, would a SA approved helmet last me for at least 7-10 years or is there a newer rating I should look for since I will have it for some time?
2008-11-21 16:17:05
Originally Posted by Fosters
Agreed, that is a good point.

Once again, I expect that the tracks don't actually care. They make you sign their waiver that if something happens, they aren't responsible. Example: Autobahn CC had everyone (not just drivers) sign the waiver at the little house, and then you drove in. They didn't inspect helmets (that I recall). It will be up to SERCA (what is the new name anyway?) to decide. With the lack of "true" tech performed on our cars, I don't see an issue with running a M2000 as a minimum.

I'm not trying to say that our club isn't responsible; just that we aren't as anal about stuff as BMWCCA and PCA - I've seen more damage with those clubs than the 4 Conventions I've attended.

I may be proved incorrect in this case, as I'm only reporting my experiences with other tracks. Ultimately, it will be up to Joe or whomever is signing on the dotted line for our group to make a decision if the track doesn't provide a definite requirement.


Oh, that makes sense. I rented one of the track's helmets in Chicago, so I didn't even notice no one inspecting helmets.

I hope you're right..Ms are cheap as a mofo.
2008-11-21 16:58:05
SoloRacer.com - Schroth Harness Belts, Corbeau Seats, G Force Helmets, Bell Helmets, Autocross Magnets, and other Autocross Products

quick link to online helmet store...they have some pretty nice ones on there.
2008-11-21 17:15:39
I feel the helmet talk deserved it's own thread so here it is.

2008-11-23 14:47:30
Hey guys. I am planning on bringing my 1991 NX2000 and maybe a few friends to this track day. I am a local Chapter Cooridnator for the SCCA and have access to 6 SA2000 helmets(various sizes). I would be glad to bring them along for anyone who does not have access to one. This may help some of the newbies out a bit.
2008-11-23 22:37:47
That would be awesome!
2008-11-23 23:28:06
Yah, that would be really great.
2008-11-24 00:29:44
I would love that. I don't have a helmet so that would be really cool. I would hate to have to rent one.

2008-11-24 18:06:06
^^so buy one!
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