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Thread: anyone down for firebird tonight??

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2008-09-05 18:45:41
anyone down for firebird tonight??
Finally got my car running again and i figured id see if anyone wants to go, im probably going down there for sure, dont know if im gunna run it yet though...

ill probably hit ****ty ass times because my clutch slips like all hell, but i think it would be cool..

If no one wants to go ill be down there watching most likely...
2008-09-07 16:28:03
I'm trying to get with a few local peeps, to make a run out to firebird one weekend in the near future. I'll let you know what happens.

The track here has been subject to auto accessory theft lately, so I don't feel comfortable taking my car out there.
2008-09-07 20:06:20
lol im glad you guys are because arizona is dead....theres no one out here it seems like.

but anyways, if you guys do end up coming out, i wouldnt make it for firebird, i would deffinatly go to speedworld, its about 30 mins more of a drive but damn its worth it.

firebird i got 3 runs in all night from 6-12
speedworld i gave up on running because the car was getting to hot, lol literally almost unlimited runs unless your doing 30+

firebird cleans the track more often, like every 5 runs, speedworld just cleans if theres an accident, suspected car that leaked...
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