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Thread: 4th Annual Texas Sr20 "DASH" Forum Meet 2013

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2012-09-18 19:49:55
Too bad I missed this year's, hopefully I can join everyone in 2013.
2012-09-18 20:05:54
Originally Posted by Ak1m0to
Too bad I missed this year's, hopefully I can join everyone in 2013.

hope you and the rest of the guys come out next year too ! it be great to expand this out so we can grow more than 1-2 cars a year
2012-09-21 22:51:43
When are you coming up here Oscar?? hey man, I found a very nice crib you can crash over the Plano and Sache area.
2012-09-23 19:16:51
We can talk to Hamm's tire (where I had my beam bent) about a bending party if we do a meet in DFW.
2012-10-01 19:12:49
Originally Posted by nissanboi
We can talk to Hamm's tire (where I had my beam bent) about a bending party if we do a meet in DFW.

hey jason if you want to take the lead on bringing it to DFW on this ill lend a hand to help you out.
2012-10-20 01:10:23
2012-10-24 18:20:58
Nobody is doing anything to move forward.
Everyone complains about it though.

After researching other threads and other city meets, we're a little more active. Most of them just meet up to eat and chill at a park. We go drag, cruise, eat, show, and autox. It's not my fault nobody participates. I talked to a few tracks here, if ya'll willing to pony up 300+$ for half day track day, fine with me, but you'll have to cover me, as I can't afford it, and there's a 10 people minimum.
I could also be like the other meets, and solely decide when and where without any input. I personally like to cater to everyone's ideas. I heard one person suggest DFW, I threw my name in the hat as a helper, but nothing else came from it, kinda like 2011's Houston and Corpus suggestion.
I like Austin, not because I live here (actually I don't I live in Austin, I live in Del Valle) because I know I can plan various things. It's central, and outsiders have almost equal driving distances.

Let me know.
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2012-10-24 18:30:45
I just got an "IDEA" suggested, and it's actually a good one. By a local car enthusiast

Each city has a pre-meet get together before the actual meet. Have a meet Friday or Saturday! Take pics and such, then caravan central, and have a big get together Saturday Night. (I say Saturday, so Sunday people can drive safely home) That way even though people don't get to make it, will still have a chance to meet other locals, and be in threads picture collection. Of course shirts would have to be pre-sold and shipped a week before.

DFW, H-Town, CC, SAN ANTO, Laredo etc.

Just an idea.
2013-01-13 12:20:55
I'm from Texas, but I live in Florida. They seem to have HUGE meet & greets with track days ect, every year at different locations. 2013 is going to be in ATL and from what I understand they last about 3 days. Once I get my Sentra finished, I'll probably go to the 2014 meet where ever it will be held. Maybe if you guys can contact someone to get ideas and draw people from other states to the Texas meets. I would like to come home to TX for a meet one day.
2013-01-15 05:00:14
We're more of a poor people kinda meet Nevertheless we have our fun. Usually plays out with drag racing, meet and cruise, then autoX. Simple and easy. I have more fun hanging out with the peeps than car meets, since it's always hard to get everyone together. Who knows, maybe later on down the road, we'll add a show portion, and a track day. We're still in the baby stages. You're always more than welcome to come hang out have a few brews.

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