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Thread: Lets meet before it gets too hot again!

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2009-01-17 04:46:53
Lets meet before it gets too hot again!
Alright well me and evan keep trying to hit the track and it never works out.

So lets figure it out now haha, i think we will have a better turn out and better pics with just a regular meet but i wanna hit the track.

Its up to you guys though. Because im a delivery driver and friday's i am not off till around 8....

If you guys want to setup a meet before the track then go for it here, or possibly just whoever wants to hit the track friday, then have a meet saturday, or just cruise up to pavillions.

I will be at firebird this next friday coming up, the 23rd. I wont be there till about 930 though.

If you guys want to do something before, go for it.

But ill say that it would be cool to hit the track friday for whoever likes doing that. And then meet somewhere saturday around 6/7ish, and cruise up to pavillions.

Whats everyones ideas?
2009-01-18 05:37:16
I like the scottsdale pavillions idea because 1. everyone knows where it is 2. we will not be kicked out till 10pm at least. 3. I dont think we've met there before.

I'm down for the track this friday. I have the cams broken in and ready to go.
2009-01-18 14:18:53
Me and evan will be at the track this friday.

Idk about pavillions for me though, the earliest i can get off is 8
2009-01-19 05:22:57
damn this place is dead compared to setting up cali meets haha...im starting to miss it.
2009-01-23 02:02:13
I will be at the pavillions to. Look for a grey b13.
2009-01-23 19:59:32
alright well firebird is closed....

so far evan is in for pavillions, daniel is in too...and im trying to get off work early.

evan ill text you tomorrow
2009-01-24 02:45:11
2009-01-25 00:22:36
Scottsdale pavillions tonight! Idian bend and Loop 101. we'll be there around 8:00-8:30ish. I want to see some of you guys there!
2009-01-25 02:19:40
me and daniel are heading out right now and meeting someone off warner and val vista...at 7 eleven.

call my phone if you want to go
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