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Thread: Firebird January 9th 09...Who wants to join?

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2009-01-03 07:24:55
Firebird January 9th 09...Who wants to join?
Alright im getting the VE'd NX ready to go to the track this week...first time ever running a VE at the track so we will so what happens..

whos down to go?

evan i know you will
klutch? u get her running yet?

i dont know to many others

but ill be there...hopefully this time the car will stay together unlike the b13 that decided to eat the pressure plate last time..haha

ill be there either way. electric blue nx.
2009-01-03 22:34:43
when did you get a ve nx?
2009-01-04 04:18:25
traded my b13 for it, daniel has the b13 and is doing a t3/t4 build on it

the nx we have been building
2009-01-08 00:10:34
I'm not going unless I put in my N1's and to do that I need a computer that will reconize my moates burner. Also I just got laid off and I'm having a hard time finding a new job. If I still had my job I would go just to watch.
2009-01-08 01:07:22
Ouch the welding company?
its the economy...my boss told me i was good but he was gunna start cleaning house too.

my moms hurting though, they're cutting hours left and right.

Well its up to you guys, im gunna take the gf down there and watch, and ill probably run a few towards closing when there isnt a line
2009-01-08 06:17:51
I'm jealous of the VE. Good luck and don't forget to let us know ur times man.
2009-01-08 19:42:31
Yeah, The electric companies can't borrow money like they used to so we have almost nothing to do. They laid off like 7-8 of us and that's about half of our staff maybe more cause we're a small shop. They said they want to rehire me when business picks up.

I dont think there will be much of a line at firebird, with the economy the way it is I doubt there will be many people trying to go fast. But then again most people that go there have money anyways.
2009-01-09 04:26:33
yea well i dont know if ill be running...

went and had my exhaust done today, 3" no cat to an n1 style muffler...

on the way home it decided to develop some weird ass sound coming from the driver side axle when i get on it, idk what it is yet...but if its something small im deffinatly running it.
2009-01-11 04:07:45
Did you go?
2009-01-11 06:14:50
no daniel has my battery tie down at his house and i have a feeling i need different springs now...they worked fine on the b13, but i think since the NX is heavier and puts more of a load on them, its messing something up..

everytime i turn right, it knocks really bad, just thud thud thud...and if i get on it it does it really bad too...still trying to figure out wtf it could be.
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