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Thread: Road Atlanta for $250

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2015-07-28 19:59:57
Why didn't you just grab some cheapy auto parts 5 mm wheel spacers?? They can't be more than $20/4 and would probably save you time in itself just swapping those in.
2015-07-28 23:10:16
I probably do need 3mm spacers, but the 255 tires are packed in so tightly, even that would cause more rubbing issues. The tires are really exactly where they need to be. They rub a little on the inside and they rub a little on the outside... =/
Filing down the caliper is free, and more importantly would get me to work before noon, versus walking a few miles and back to the parts store.
I have 12mm spacers I could have put on, but like I said, those tires are where they need to be.
They are stock cast-iron calipers and I really just cleaned up some mold parting lines on the ribbing to get them down to size. No big deal. I'm happy with the outcome.

And these fucking brake pads are fantastic. I went with HAWK HT10 pads based on many recommendations from the E36 M3 crowd saying they were the only real viable option for the track that would still work well on the street. So I ordered them, but looking at Hawk's web site for the bedding procedure had me checking out their pad compound comparison.
Based on my experience and needs, I though they were WAY too track oriented for my needs.
Had I seen this chart before ordering, I'd have gone with the HP+ for sure, or maybe the DTC-30 pad on a long shot.

I've run HPS pads before, and I was not impressed, but I don't know, maybe the HP+ or DTC-30 pad would be okay. (Really, I've been trying to avoid Hawk and branch out to other pad manufacturers all together).

But these HT10 pads are so far extremely good on the street. For their temp rating, I never would have expected it, but I guess they have such great initial bite and torque characteristics that they grab rally well even when "cold" (summer time cold). After getting them somewhat up to temp, they just keep grabbing harder and harder. I can't wait for this Friday when I'm headed down the end of a long straight and have confidence in my brakes. It will be a game changer for sure.
They do squeal a little, and that will probably get worse. So maybe I'll try the DTC-30 next time if it gets bad enough.

With the new clutch line, shifts are much better now. The car is really at a perfect state of tune right now, with almost nothing to complain about. I'm very much looking forward to a track day where I don't have one hand tied behind my back from the get-go!
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2015-07-30 01:24:42
K20 coil packs going on tomorrow and I should be ready to go.
2015-07-30 01:29:01
Is everyone heading down, up, or over tomorrow or Friday morning?
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2015-07-30 02:21:50
You mean Friday morning?

My plans are to finish work tomorrow in Columbia at my normal 5 PM, load up the car, and head to the hotel outside of ATL getting there around 9 PM. I have the hotel for one night, so I'm headed home Friday evening after the track day. I will stick around for dinner in ATL before leaving if people are hanging out.
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2015-07-30 02:33:45
we are arriving late tomorrow night and staying Fri night to drive home Sat
2015-07-30 15:49:49
I am staying at Mark's aka fatboyse-r Thursday night. I will be coming over with Mark Friday morning.
2015-07-31 03:17:16
See you guys at the track, i will be lurking, just moved 40 min away so ill show up take a look at the road racing guru's.
2015-08-01 05:45:29

Mark, Rodney, Justin, and Jay
2015-08-01 13:17:08
The only way this track day could have been better was if it were 30 degrees cooler.
I had an absolute blast!
Thanks to Joe for getting the ball rolling and everyone else for the great time.

It was great to see everyone who came out and have company in the passenger seat.
It will be real easy to edit the video from the day. Every second is a highlight, so I can just upload the whole thing!
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