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Thread: Road Atlanta for $250

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2015-07-22 21:06:26
Got to swap out the driver side axle with a spare to keep from slinging grease everywhere.

LE-R is ready to go. w00t!!
2015-07-26 14:04:00
The SS hydraulic clutch line install happened yesterday. No leaks, much improved pedal feel, and most importantly it grabs well off the floor now.

Headed to McD's for some brecky sammies before tackling the brake job today.
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2015-07-27 01:42:20
Decided to do a little custom work to get some axle dust shields installed in the back. This added like 4-5 hours to the job!
I packed it in after 10 hours, and just need to clean the front wheels, put them back on, and then bed in the pads.
Today was a long day.
2015-07-27 04:28:24
we got Larry's track brakes on and bedded in...fluid swapped for Motul.
Changed the engine and tranny oil and spark plugs....cranked up the AGxs
removed the Nitrous bottle,and still need to remove the speaker box and amps in the hatch...but he is ready to rock and roll!! I am bummed I couldnt get my shit together enough to bring a car.
@BenFenner...I want a ride in the shoe...as long as nobody gets any pics of me in it
You know I am kidding...I would love to see waht that "M" is all about.I hear that car is quite capable on the track
2015-07-27 11:40:16
Sure thing Jay.
2015-07-27 19:04:53
Rebuilt the driver-side axle with new boot and grease, installed new Nissan MT gear oil, oil change with Nissan 5W-30 Ester oil, new OEM NGK spark plugs, and flushed the old ATE Super Blue out with some new Motul RBF600 brake fluid. Need to get the "track day" alignment done today.

Is this the same clown shoe that was at the 13 Convention at AMP that kept getting tail happy coming out of the corners?
2015-07-27 22:13:16
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2015-07-28 00:35:24
Front wheels got cleaned and installed. I had some time so I cleaned and touched up the fuel rail cover to match the replacement hardware caps I bought because I lost one. Then I remembered from turning the car around yesterday that the parking brake wasn't balanced properly, so I had to remove the left rear setup again to do that.
Tomorrow when I bed the pads in, I'll see how the adjustment went. It couldn't be worse I hope. Either way I'm basically ready to rock.
2015-07-28 04:40:44
Track prep on the egg....sorry for the shitty pic
2015-07-28 16:39:39
Woke up super sick at 2:30 AM this morning, back to sleep around 5 AM, stomach feels way better when the alarm goes off for work but very tired. Call in to work sick and tell Katie to get me at lunch to take me into work.
Can't get back to sleep, read book and rest, feel much better around 9 AM, figure I'll take the car and head in.
The car won't move, check for bricks behind wheels, they are all clear. Must be the parking brake adjustment I did last night. Too aggressive.
Take off rear wheel, loosen parking brake, put wheel back on, car still won't move. Check the other rear wheel, it spins too.
What could it be?
Lift the front, check those wheels. They are stuck. Oh yah...
I knew the measurements were close, but I forgot to check the wheel spoke clearance with the new brake pads in. The brake calipers where interfering with the wheel spokes now that they had full-depth pads installed. I forgot this might be a possibility and forgot to check. Take front wheels off, file down 2-3mm from each brake caliper and reinstall wheels.
Ready to roll, but need another shower. Soooo hot outside.
Get back in the car and head to the highway to bed in the race pads as this is the only opportunity. Why is the highway so crowed on a Tuesday morning? Manage to bed them in without killing anyone, and head to work. While bedding them in on the highway they expanded and/or aligned the calipers so they just barely ran into the wheels again. A little bit of self-clearancing never hurt anyone.

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