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Thread: Snow & Ice strangles Atlanta

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2014-01-29 20:34:56
Snow & Ice strangles Atlanta
But the happynole clan is smart enough to stay off the streets!!

Did manage to snap a few pics:

Where we are hanging today:
2014-01-29 20:40:23
Awww cute the southern folks got some dusting and all hell breaks loose. (it seriously did, my Aunt in NC flipped out over it on the phone last night)

On a more serious note, stay warm and stay safe to all neighbors south of the Mason Dixon line that got some snow.
2014-01-29 20:43:05
every one know a set of snow tires go for premiuim during souther ICE week
2014-01-30 04:33:06
The accidents I've been seeing are crazy..my b13 seemed to do alright in this though..the ice storm from a couple years ago was a lot worse.
2014-01-30 13:24:15
Nice crib. Stay safe.
2014-01-30 13:33:31
Saw this on the news last night. 2"-3" of snow pretty much shut down the Atlanta metro area. People abandoning cars on the highway, kids had to spend the night at school, dogs and cats living together, mass hysteria.
2014-01-30 13:56:12
Just move to the UK the possibility of snow here closes schools.
2014-01-30 14:00:10
Yeah this whole thing is pretty funny.

I'm in North Carolina and it started snowing enough so everything was covered in water then it all froze, then snowed more. Left the pretty typical ice with snow on top situation, which is VERY slippery. And of course NO sand, leading to very poor conditions. Temps were below 20deg so the salting helped but most rural roads and on-ramps/off-ramps were ice. I would take 1ft+ of snow up in Maine any day.

All of this crap talk from these hipster bloggers is really annoying about the infrastructure blah. blah. la de da.

I made it home with Azenis literally halfway into the wear bars, over sized sway bars, tight coil overs, and no abs. It was very slippery. I avoided large hills and accelerated slowly and decelerated using my gearing or light braking. I went 25-30mph. My 20min commute took 40min.

I am lucky none of the IDIOTS driving like it was dry out hit me, I pulled over for many vehicles. I saw 2 overturned cars, and over 6 collisions with trees barriers and other cars in 15 mile drive.

All it takes is slow way the f*ck down. That's it. Nothing else. I have experience so it is second nature, but I call it ignorance of those unaware. I also find it hilarious all of the "we don't have awd" bandwagon. Get a clue. Learn some physics bro!

Anyway. You played it right!! I was very happy to get home and make some hot chocolate myself

2014-01-30 14:37:52
My short related rant: Using studded tires should require a permit/sticker. Take the money from the permits and put it towards road maintenance.
2014-01-30 17:18:15
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