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Thread: Pull-A-Part Atlanta Metro

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2013-02-18 14:57:17
Originally Posted by rallyser
I am starting to go fairly often these days. If folks need things, please PM with what you want and I will try to grab it when I am there. You'll pay their price plus some labor for me, but I'll make it work.

How much for you to pull a tranny from a 97 Honda Accord???
2013-02-18 19:14:33
Never really done that car before so that would be a crap shoot on the cost of labor. Also, can you be more specific--auto or manual, just the trans or some associated parts like mounts, axles, shifter, etc. Not sure if all Accord engines are the same, but if not, I'd need a model or something else to verify fit. Thanks.
2013-02-26 19:31:56
Not much to report on a rainy Tuesday. SER trans is gone, but block and head still there. Get it quick if you want it, starting to rust with all the rain. 2 G20's were taken out, so only the 95 and 92 manual trans cars are left. Someone took the gears out of the 95 but left the rest of the case still on the engine.

I did spot two Maximas with 5 spd, but both were the 50A gearboxes, not the V's. Both cars seemed intact.
2013-03-12 18:35:45
East lot update:
New 1994 G20-black, auto, tan interior. Things looked pretty good. Got some brand new plug wires, distro and plugs.
They were just putting out new cars and right next to this one, they dropped a stripped S2000! WHAT!! It was pretty bare, but had ARP wheel studs and some crazy stainless brake lines running through the car, still had the rear end and all suspension was stock. If anyone has an S2000 or knows what that stuff is worth, could be a nice little find! I didn't have the time to go through it and grab stuff.
2013-04-07 01:11:19
East lot update:
New P11, 1999, gold/tan interior, auto trans. It still had pretty intact engine, all brakes and 3 mesh wheels that looked in pretty good condition. The interior was messed up already. I left everything alone. No new p10's or SER's of any sort.
2013-05-11 18:33:52
Went to the north location today. There's a gray b13 se-r there..front end damage, motor was popped open, tranny gone, dash and headliner gone. Seats are in OK condition. Still has four stock se-r wheels.
2013-05-31 18:09:58
South lot has a 99-2000 G20. It had all 4 meshies on it yesterday--beige, auto, pretty complete engine.

also had a 1996 white non sunroof 5 speed (WHO DOES THAT!!)) with all leather interior. The drivers seat was beat, but the backseat was fine. It had very nasty grey carpet and smelled like cigarettes! I took F door hinges and gauge cluster. Transmission and axles were gone!
2013-08-27 00:20:34
North lot has a nice 95 silver G20T. The carpet is soaked, but looks decent, black dash in good shape, missing some lower panels but nice otherwise. Silver with fog bumper and spoiler still there. Also has 99 white P11 with tan interior and auto trans, good loooking body panels but front bumper is gone.
2013-08-27 18:16:11
keep a look out for one with blue interrior for me plz. i am willing to pay decent money

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2013-09-06 15:48:46
Update 9/6/2013
East lot has a few G20's, all auto, all brown interior, mostly in poor condition.
South lot has 2 new G20's a 1991 5speed that has pretty complete engine, tan with tan interior that is beat, also a non-airbag dash! Also a 1994 that has been flooded, but has a very nice interior if you can clean off the MOLD!! It is not super bad, but it is moldy none the less. Black dash and belts, but tan leather seats with bi-color door panels. Also 5 speed. Dash is mint!
South lot has a 2001 Sentra with 5 speed (RS 70A-open diff), but QG powered. Complete hydraulic clutch still in the car.

I'm willing to go pull parts for folks if you will pay the cost of the part and $30/hour+shipping if you aren't local.
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