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Thread: Pull-A-Part Atlanta Metro

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2011-03-28 16:54:40
I robbed some parts from the black NX at the south yard. There really isn't much left that is good. I got the dash about 15 min removal. There are only 2 10mm bolts on the bottom Right and Left, same up top. Also a phillips head screw behind the speedo that holds the dash on. When I got there on the 15th the engine+trans was gone. I also got the shifter knob, ignition switch, glove box handle, shifter linkage, and a mint pair of t-top visors
2011-03-28 17:05:41
i'm going to try and go tomorrow assuming the weather isn't to bad. needing the front seat electric parts for another member in europe to transform the manuals to electric there.. plus i am hoping i get sick lucky and one day find a p10 touring with black interior, i'd probably spend all day at the yard if i ever find one
2011-03-31 16:21:40
Anyone got an extra starter Layin around? I need one like now
2011-04-02 18:47:06
Gotcha covered bro.

Edit: How did it work out?
2011-04-03 01:05:18
Hey guys. I hit up south today. I grabbed the ecu off the NX. Also the struts. Rear brakes are still available.

Door panels are still present. The passenger door, fender, and hood are still present and in decent shape.
2011-04-03 01:42:01
Originally Posted by NX2KTuner
Gotcha covered bro.

Edit: How did it work out?

worked like a charm. thanx bro!!
2011-04-04 03:08:25
Went to the south yard today, go lucky and found a nice G with a decent interior, T model. going back in hopes the dash and what not is still there, i want to get what i can of a T interior to make getting the other stuff easier.

could you guys who hit up the north lot check G20s every so often for a T model? I am looking for the interior mostly, more complete the merrier I will be
2011-04-05 01:51:21
Most definately goin to the South yard tomorrow to see if I can't raid the p10s black dash set, and seat belt buckles and what not.. also going to scrounge around at another p10 for possibly its roof and what not....

does anyone want me to look out for something they need/want?
2011-05-09 14:55:01
Pull a part north atlanta just got a black 96 200sx se-r in on friday!
2011-05-09 14:55:48
i pulled the rear bumper, cluster and turn signal.
motor and trans were still there as of sat.
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