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Thread: Pull-A-Part Atlanta Metro

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2010-01-17 22:03:35
Pull-A-Part Atlanta Metro
Well I've had threads before about something at pull apart, so I figured I should just make a general thread about the Atlanta area yards. If anybody else comes across this with a find please post.

Well I was at the Atlanta south yard today.

I spotted one highport Sr20 intact probably good for a rebuild project. Its in a G20. Mileage is 200K+. Injectors are gone but the engine looks like it hasn't been opened up.

There are also 2 NX1600's at the south yard.

One burgandy hard top. The hatch is in good shape but the hatch lifts are blown. The front bumper cover looks like it can be salvaged paint is flaking off badly but I think a body shop could make it look acceptable again. Tail lights are in good shape, the rear bumper didn't look bad. Headlights are gone on this one. The body on this one isn't too bad. Some panels might be able to be used. I remember the right front fender is dented and the passenger side door rubs the front fender when it opens.

The second NX is a black t-top. It was t boned bad on the drivers side. I took the headlights. The tail lights are in good shape. This car was from up north, so rust is present on it. Its smashed pretty bad. I wasn't able to open the hatch so I'm not really sure what shape that part is in.
2010-02-24 03:47:25
Was at the Atlanta North yard this past weekend.

Three G20s there right now, all automatics. A 96 Lowport with 222,000 miles.

A 92 highport with 183,000 miles. The motor has a Nissan badge on the valve cover so I'm guessing the motor has been swapped in the past.

There is another highport there right now, the odometer read 250,000+
2010-02-24 04:51:47
What did the 96 interior look like, and were any hoods in good shape?
2010-02-24 15:59:14
It was trashed from what I remember. People that go to the yards don't seem to care about preserving parts for others that will come later. So they just dump crap into the interiors.

I know the 96 has front impact damage so that hood is crap. The other two I can't remember. One was the beige-white color, the other was light blue. There is a fourth P10 (black) there, but that one has been sitting for a longer time. Motor is gone on the black car.

Did you need the entire interior or just certain parts? Hood I'm guessing your looking for dent/scratch free?
2010-02-27 23:35:21
HappyNole I was there again this weekend. None of the hoods are in worthy shape. The interiors all pretty much trashed.

Somebody took the hood off the Tan car so I guess that one was in good enough shape.
2010-04-17 23:45:42
I was at the North Yard today. There is an old Datsun 200SX Hatch over there. It has an intact Z22 in it.

Also there are some J30's over there. The engine in one of the J30s is till intact.
2010-04-18 02:05:37
Where's this lot at?
2010-04-18 13:42:20
You can find the locations here. THere are three in Atlanta, and a few others in other states.

2010-04-30 06:53:32
I headed down to henrico road later today! I just signed up on the this forum and look forward to meeting all the GA NX owners on the site.

Thanks and see ya guys/gals around!

'93 NX2K, 5spd
Flowery Branch, GA
2010-04-30 15:29:35
NX2kTuner as a heads up . The NX's down in Henrico are 1600's. Your closest pull apart will be the Norcross lot.
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