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Thread: Proposed dates for MidTN Meet, Fall 09??

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2009-10-29 21:36:53
Kevin, I'd like to get a look at your new ride too. I never would have thought they were as roomy as you say. Just going by the way they look.
2009-10-30 02:35:44
Its like funny how quickly word gets out eh No more Nissan its odd too, having to learn everything over again as ive owned a Nissan since like 1997ish maybe. So learning new FSM is like tough.

Dude...first car ive gotten in that my shoulder isnt hitting the door.

I should be there, i might not show up early, but around noon would be good . I need to find out what time Dave is rolling into town first.
2009-10-30 04:16:36
Originally Posted by llaprad1
He's not ignoring you, really. He gets a TON of inquiries. How long has it been?

5 weeks-ish.

Originally Posted by Bowlcut
Send him an email, simple short kirt to the point. If he didnt answer in like a week...wouldnt hurt to resend, just ask if he got it. He gets tons of emails...so do something to make it easy to answer quickly. Asking for the full rundown of proper soldiering...you likely wont get an answer.

Lol too late. I already posted a new thread about it under Calumsult. I wasn't being mean at all though, just assertive.
2009-10-30 04:38:55
Originally Posted by Bowlcut
Its like funny how quickly word gets out eh

I read your post on the other forum. I picked up a Jeep Cherokee a while back, and LOVE having it to drive whenever I don't feel like driving my car lol.
2009-11-01 00:37:38
So what time do you guys plan on going?
2009-11-01 05:39:11
I'm going to be there arounf 8:45-9am.
2009-11-01 13:16:42
hope you guys are still there after church
2009-11-01 13:26:44
I'm not sure but I think it goes on until about 4 or 5. I will be there all day.
2009-11-02 04:00:14
HA!!! louise's sponge cake b-13 was so fun! squishy.... that poor cone... I Had a blast. sucks that I had to leave for work. I made some decent money today though.

I could have stayed an extra hour. It only took 30 min to get to madison from there. How did your dad do on the track?
2009-11-02 04:59:50
He got alot of DNF's just like everyone else there lol. It was the first autocross I've ever attended and thought it looked like alot of fun. You left before me, Kevin, and Ben showed up.
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