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Thread: Photobucket dead photo links

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2018-01-21 20:52:36
Photobucket dead photo links
First of all I hope this is the appropriate section for this general question/request.

Secondly I wish I didn’t care much and just titled the thread “PhotoF**kit” but I know that wouldn’t really be friendly and might not drive much attention lol

Okay now time for the reason of this thread.

I came across a thread either through here or google and somehow managed to find myself in the photobucket album where the picture is located which is not visible on the forum because of photobuckets membership thing.

If I do this again in the future, would there be a way for me to save them into a Flickr album or something similar so they can then be replaced in the appropriate thread?

Obviously contacting the original owner would be the best way to go about it but sometimes the owner of the picture is MIA.

Thoughts on idea? Also, if this catches on then maybe we can paste links to threads in here so the location of albums where pictures in a thread are dead and an attempt in recovering the picture can be made?
2018-01-21 21:27:36
I have heard of extensions for web browsers that enable the photobucket links to work again. If you are using a PC, try looking into those extensions. I never looked, just heard of that as an alternative.
2018-01-21 22:47:45
It should be possible to replace all/most Photobucket URLs with newly hosted versions of the images on another site (I'd go with www.imgur.com but Flickr is cool too).
As for actually editing the posts themselves to properly replace the images... I'm not sure if that's something that we should be doing. Obviously if you are editing your own posts, that's fine.
But as the forum staff, we'd have to figure out if that's within our ability to do. If we're given permission by the original poster, we for sure can do it. Doing it without permission might not be something we want to do...

Does that help?
2018-01-21 23:02:04
I understand, I guess in the mean time maybe we just hope photobucket changes their mind which I highly doubt would happen.

Until then, I’ll just go back and edit my threads. Thanks
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