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Thread: Major Forum Changes Ahead

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2017-11-15 07:41:05

Google finished scanning the site and we passing with flying colors. We've been removed from their blacklist, and that means we can move forward with getting an SSL certificate. We can also expect to see our results return to Google searches, and hopefully soon Australia will unblock us.

I'll keep everyone updated as those things happen. =D
2017-11-15 18:26:00

With the classic domain off Google's blacklist, I was able to get an SSL certificate for it today. Just another good thing to mark off the list. =D
2017-11-18 17:12:20

The post likes are displaying again. New likes can't be initiated yet, but the existing ones show up now. I'm not sure if I will implement the likes feature next. It could be a good bit of work to get the notifications part of it working, and I'd really like to get that going at the same time. We'll see.

I have maybe 3-5 things that I'd like to take care of next. It's anyone's guess which one I choose. Like I said. We'll see.
2017-11-19 04:43:35
Hell ya brother!
2017-11-19 12:00:05

It's a small update, but the "The Dash Manifesto" navigation link in the top navigation bar works now.
2017-11-21 19:22:43

With the holiday coming up, and some good progress here I've been sort of avoiding one of the major changes I need to make. I've been avoiding it partially by looking around the forum and seeing if there are any smaller things I can take care of. I know these are small things, but I noticed I hadn't yet made thread view counts accumulate as threads are viewed. So now, the view count of a thread gets incremented properly when a thread is viewed.
Like I said, small stuff I know, but it needs to be done.

The major change I need to make soon is to do the real switch from our temporary domain name sr20forum.nfshost.com to the real domain name at www.sr20-forum.com. However, I know some security systems haven't caught up and are still working off old Google information regarding the malware status of the forum. It's possible some users might be locked out when we switch back to the classic domain. That's life though, and we'll have to deal with it sooner or later.

I might do one or two other major features before swapping over though. I'd like to get new posts working with advanced features (ability to create a title, disable emoji, disable signature, disable likes, and things like that). Along with that will come post editing, which I know will be HUGE for everyone. I'm hoping to have this stuff sorted out soon. After that we'll see what happens next...
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2017-11-23 09:32:38

Go to a user's profile page and click "View Forum Threads" and you'll see that feature is working now.
This feature is quite useful, and should be especially so right now since main search is not implemented yet.
For those of you looking for threads by yourself, or by other users, they should be a lot easier to find now.

I had a few minutes this morning before Thanksgiving travel and figured I could bang that out quickly. It went well. =D
2017-11-25 20:34:52
Keep up the good work. Any idea on the search feature?
2017-11-26 13:54:41
Thanks man.
The search feature is one of the top 3 features I'm aiming for right now. I'm not entirely sure which order they will come in, but I know these are what people want most.
1) Search; simple and advanced (and eventually fast)
2) Advanced posting/edit posts
3) New thread creation.

All I can say is that it is coming soon. I am working on #2 above right now and am almost finished. With more holidays coming up, I should have all sorts of time to get things done. I feel your pain man. I will keep you updated as things move in that direction.
2017-11-26 15:55:30

Editing posts should work now!
This is a huge step forward for the forum and I'm very glad to have it completed.

I spent the holiday working on the Advanced Reply feature, which also incorporated post previews, post quoting, and post editing!
Multi-quotes don't work yet (and neither do edit reasons, nor PMs when mods edit posts), but all of these buttons should work now:

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