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Thread: Major Forum Changes Ahead

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2017-09-13 09:52:03
"I think everyone will learn to like it."

Famous last words haha. Looks great to me!
2017-09-14 02:35:07
Nothing major to report, but more good progress was made today.
2017-09-17 17:43:35
Lots of good progress still, but no major feature completion to report yet. As I figured, the post display has turned out to be the most difficult and complicated so far, but I'm getting there. Here's another screenshot showing the progress.

2017-09-17 20:36:25
"Highly Acceptable"
2017-09-25 00:56:03
I've made so much awesome progress this last week. I'm really surprised how much I was able to get done and how smoothly it all went, with no real problems. It seems all the work I did months ago setting things up for this has paid off.
I'm not exactly finished with the post display stuff, so this is not an official update, but the light at then of the tunnel is getting really bright.

Mainly I want to get some more of the Bulletin Board Code (BBC) stuff translated better, especially QUOTE blocks. Then I want to sleep on things to make sure I haven't forgotten anything.
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2017-09-25 17:28:09
Sounds like a fluff piece to me! Haha jk... keep up the good work!
2017-11-05 19:53:41

This is a major update.

As many of you will know, the classic forum went down about a month ago as I was working on getting new features implemented into the new forum. This forced my hand a bit, and required me to stop working on the new features, and perform the forum database swap much earlier than I had planned. It took some gymnastics, but I finally obtained a fresh new copy of the database with all the latest users, PMs, thread, and posts. After that, I converted it over to this new setup which all took some time. After the dust settled, I started letting people know on Facebook that this new forum is where things are from now on.

I then began working on new features again. The first thing I wanted was to allow for new posts, but allowing new posts seemed silly when no one will really know they exist unless they look really hard. So instead I got working on the "New Posts" search feature which is maybe the most important feature we have, and one I use countless times an hour while on the forum. I finished that feature last week, and then started working on the general search feature, since there is so much good info here, but it's hard to find right now. I hit a snag this weekend working on Search, so I changed course.

I began working on the "Quick Reply" feature, and I believe I've gotten it finished, or at least workable for now. I'm using it to write this post right now. After I post, the post count for this thread should go up, my own user post count should go up, this thread should now be the newest thread listed on the "New Posts" page, and generally things should be working okay with this.

This is a huge step for us. It means we can all post again now. No, advanced posting doesn't work yet, and new threads don't work yet, and the "remember me" feature doesn't work yet, and general search doesn't work yet, and the list goes on and on. However, I'm getting to them.

I'm also waiting for the sr20-forum domain name to be transferred over so we won't all have to keep using this temporary address. More on that soon.

I have more to say, but I'm just happy that posts seem to work right now again, which is huge for us. Onward and upward!
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2017-11-05 20:00:15
1st time I've been able to access the site in about 6 months or longer (It's been a long damn time!) ...YAY!!! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!

I missed this place!! so happy to be back!

2017-11-05 20:07:17
Welcome back Chris! It's great to see people finding the new forum and posting right away.

I notice your avatar looks like Shawn B's... I believe that's a mistake. I will re-seed the avatars and that should fix things. Hang tight.
2017-11-06 08:57:59
@BenFenner, thanks for all your hard work. Nice to see the forum up and running again.
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