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Thread: Major Forum Changes Ahead

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2018-08-04 10:14:09

Using chat from multiple machines at the same time works even better now. We no longer need to tack on random digits to usernames, so usernames look normal again. It was a tricky thing to figure out, and I couldn't test many combinations, so if you have trouble getting into chat, let me know.

I plan to work on notifications next. I'll start with PM notifications, then get mentions and mention notifications working, followed by likes and like notifications (this will be hardest, so saving for last).

Edit: Oh I forgot, you'll want to log out of the forum and log back in to get back into chat. Trying to use chat without doing so could be problematic.
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2018-08-05 10:34:13

I took a moment this morning to make things better for those with narrow-resolution screens (mostly phones, but even 720p displays weren't wide enough). See below for a before and after.
I also shortened the descriptions of the Classifieds - Forced Induction and Classifieds - Tuning forum sections, since they were way too long for narrow screens as well.


2018-08-05 15:19:50

I've made the forum rules easy to find now. I was speaking to someone who highly prioritized being able to find the forum rules, so I thought I would knock it out quickly. We have a link in the header of the forum to them, but that link hasn't been working. I honestly thought I got the rules placed well a long time ago, since the new member registration page links to it. But apparently the rules never got placed well, and even the registration page doesn't link to them properly.

The rules haven't been converted over until now because they used to live in a overly complicated, rules-specific feature of the forum. There is no reason they should be stored in such a complicated manner, so I've made one thread that will contain or point to all of the rules, and the terms of service, and the discussion threads for each of those. So now that I've made that thread, I can link it from the header, and the registration page, and anywhere else I need to. It is a new thread in the Server News section here: The Forum Rules

I've made that thread a sticky, and it contains links to all of the discussion threads and the terms of service, so I was able to unstick all of those threads from the same section.
I want to stress that no actual changes have been made to the TOS, Rules, or anything else. I've just placed them where they will be easier to find.
2018-08-07 20:12:43

Now that chat will accept connections from multiple machines, I am able to extend the chat time-out from 2 minutes to 5 minutes. If you've been having trouble staying connected to chat in the past, things should be noticeably better now. Not sure if anyone was, just saying.
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2018-08-07 20:40:54

After getting the rules sorted, I noticed that I never carried over the limitation for posting new classified ads. We require users to have at least 15 posts under their belt before they can post new threads in the classified sections. I've now re-instituted that control feature. At least one user got through while this wasn't in place. I'm leaving the thread, but be extra cautious buying from this currently unknown quantity: littledog.
2018-08-08 19:11:05

It turns out I forgot to get two types of BBC tags working. I got unordered lists working, but not ordered lists. Apparently I used them for the rules posts, and it was super easy to get them working. So ordered lists are working now. Here are two examples:

  1. This is the first list item.
  2. This is the second list item.

  1. This is the first list item.
  2. This is the second list item.

The other BBC tag I forgot was the SPOILER tag. I want to get that working so I can move on, clear my head for the next thing, and not have to deal with these anymore. You know, tie up loose ends.
I'll be working on the SPOILER tag next. After that, I have big plans...
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2018-08-09 19:25:09

I got the SPOILER tags working. Here's a thread where they've been used a good bit in the past: Tell us about the last movie you saw.

And here's an example right here:
Rosebud was a little bitch.

While sorting that out, I ran across more BBC tags I hadn't gotten working yet. Apparently we had a NSFW tag, and maybe a NWS tag? I got those working too. Here's a thread where they are used a good bit: *NWS* Attractive pics/attractive people. Discussion welcome.

And here are some examples right here:


Now that I have all three examples in one place, I see it's not the greatest implementation, but it should be fine for us. At least for quite a while, so I can go work on other things. That should really be the last of the BBC tags now.
Time to work on the PM notifications, and such.
Or maybe I'll work on something more important first? We'll see...
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2018-08-12 20:19:13
Sorry no real update. I've actually done a bunch of important work on the forum, but it won't show up for a while.
While I was in there I found another BBC tag that didn't work, so I got it working. It's the old AME tag, which has been superseded by the VIDEO tag.
Even so, there were old posts using it, so they work now. Here's an example: https://www.sr20-forum.com/offtopic/!22247-the-dash-english-lesson.html?post_id=770852#post!770852
2018-08-15 11:53:20
Damn Ben, this looks all foreign to me hahah but I'm glad you're the man skilled for this.. Thanks for all the work, and getting the forum back up and running!
2018-08-15 20:43:37
Thank you for the kind words. I'm doing my best.
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