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Thread: STRATTON's perma-ban has been lifted, and why.

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2015-10-05 20:37:53
bring chappy back!! errboddyy love chapdick
2015-10-05 20:51:16
True.. @chapnutz1 too!
2015-10-06 13:13:18
Throwback Tuesday, what about stardust!?!
2015-10-06 13:28:40
Bring snoballz back.
2015-10-06 23:06:00
Originally Posted by Manny
Bring snoballz back.
I wish I could.
2015-10-07 20:26:08
Originally Posted by 1fastser
Originally Posted by THOR
is there repercussions for the staff that used an excessive ruling or is this just it? if a member is to be "punished" for his action on the forum, is there a "court" that he can defend his actions?

Sounds like you're implying there WAS an excessive ruling.

This reminds me of my 11yr old who is now in middle school and is very intelligent but often doesn't know when to stop offering his input, even when asked (nicest way I could put it). This does not mean my son is wrong or right because of his statements but his actions defy...and that never ends well for him as long as he continues to offer his unsolicited input when asked otherwise.

That being said, I feel sure that if a moderator made an unjust or excessive ruling, other moderators would quickly step up to resolve/correct it...or if the masses saw it as unjust, they would revolt!

oh how funny this is also remind me of a dog i had when it wanted attention and just made alot a noise to get it.... seems like the same fix .... ignore it
2015-10-07 20:34:18
Originally Posted by Cliff
What exactly would you have in mind for repercussions for me? I was the administrator here for a long while, that spent countless hours of my own time to give this place a much needed facelift, and provide additional features to the masses (when this place was in it's prime I suppose). I didn't need an asshat causing drama and for lack of better terms, pissing all over your house.

Lifetime ban and subsequent additional bans were served each time he had created an additional account, because he would show his face again and piss on another member's shoes.

Water under the bridge at this point, and it's quite apparent this place is run by the liberal agenda where peace, love, and euphoric feelings stomp out common sense.

I digress, and one of the many reasons I care not to be here any longer. Still surprised @Chriscar was okay with Ben's "promotion".

if this question is for me then the answer would be none as im not in the body to decide whats what. simple question deserves a simple answer... i guess theres reasons that run deep as to the true events of this.... with that even being so the question still stands and is legit.

its a sad case when others over read a simple query... it just shows how they are...
Last edited by THOR on 2015-10-07 at 20-36-08.
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