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Thread: Is my ip blocked?

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2015-08-08 01:36:29
Is my ip blocked?
Well, it looks like my home ip is blocked. Cant get on here on any device for the last 2 days so i decided to use my phone and it works off wifi.

It says
"This we lage is not a alailable"
2015-08-08 04:05:29
I'm having a similar issue. Can't connect from my desktop or laptop, but my tablet and phone work. Interestingly enough, my work pc can get to the forum only when I'm connected to work through VPN.

Flushing the DNS cache, Chrome cache, and bouncing my router hasn't helped.
2015-08-08 17:22:29
Have you guys tried uninstalling the network adapter and letting windows pick it up again? Really seems like a DNS issue
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2015-08-08 17:47:04
I thought it was going to be a DNS issue as well, but why does my tablet work, but not my desktop (wired), or laptop (on the same wireless as the tablet & phone). My cell phone can connect via mobile data, but not wireless. And my work pc connects when i'm going through the VPN only.

Traceroute on the desktop and tablet both complete successfully to

I bounced my router, but it didn't help.
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2015-08-08 17:53:01
Any packet loss or timeouts when you ping the forum?
2015-08-08 17:58:00
Segment 4 times out on the tablet and desktop.

1.; Wireless_Broadband_Router.home; 7.171, 8.880, 8.972

2.; L100.DLLSTX-VFTTP-50.verizon-gni.net; 15.534, 16.785, 16.724

3.; G101-0-0-11.DLLSTX-LCR-21.verizon-gni.net; 16.723, 18.005, 18.005

4. *

5.; 0.ae1.XL3.DFW7.ALTER.NET; 17.762, 18.677, 95.703

6.; TenGigE0-6-0-1.GW4.DFW13.ALTER.NET; 20.935

6.; TenGigE0-6-0-5.GW4.DFW13.ALTER.NET; 14.435

6.; TenGigE0-4-2-0.GW4.DFW13.ALTER.NET; 12.420

7.; teliasonera-gw.customer.alter.net; 9.888, 9.491, 9.704

8.; kanc-b1-link.telia.net; 18.676, 21.332, *

9.; 1o1internet-ic-147344-kanc-b1.c.telia.net; 20.905, 21.332, 21.088

10.; ae-10.bb-d.slr.lxa.us.oneandone.net; 19.898, 19.532, 19.684

11.; ae-10.gw-distp-a.slr.lxa.us.oneandone.net; 34.637, *, *

12.; ae-1.gw-prtr-r5-2a.slr.lxa.us.oneandone.net; 19.714, 19.715, 19.470

13.; sr20-forum.com; 21.820, 21.851, 20.111
2015-08-08 18:21:03
That's a trace route, try ping [url]www.sr20-forum.com[/url]

Also try by direct ip, if direct ip works next try editing your host file
Last edited by zeneffect on 2015-08-08 at 18-22-07.
2015-08-08 18:57:38
I'm following along. If I spot something that I can help with, I will jump in.
2015-08-08 19:53:49
Power cycled the FIOS router, and no change.

Activated my phone's 4G hotspot, and am able to connect successfully with the laptop through the hotspot, so it's GOT to be something with the router. I still can't understand why the tablet (and my ancient iPod Touch) work through the router though.

@Keo, what's going on with you?

2015-08-09 15:50:54
You guys still having this issue? Seems like a problem between Verizon and the hosting provider.

@Chriscar are you sure your tablet isn't receiving a cached version of the site and that's why it appears to be connecting?

Can you connect to another site hosted by the provider? Try http://www.allthefixinsva.com/
Last edited by gomba on 2015-08-09 at 16-01-39.
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