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Thread: Regional Classified sections missing.

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2014-08-22 13:35:00
Regional Classified sections missing.
I'm not sure how long these have been missing, but I'm going to see about getting them back.

Edit: I see Cliff noticed they were missing and wanted to fix them almost two years ago. (Link only works for forum staff, sorry.)
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2014-10-20 16:44:46
I've had to delete a few classified ads in the Canada regional section. Those users are hoping this gets fixed soon...
2015-06-30 00:13:41
Is it possible to have classified ads automatically added into the appropriate regional sub forum??
2015-06-30 00:39:46
It's on the TODO list that I'm slowly making real progress getting through as of late.
2015-07-07 14:30:09
This has jumped to the top of my priority list for obvious reasons. I've taken a look at what it will take to fix this, and couldn't even scratch the surface. A couple days later I gave myself more time and looked into it some more and came away with no visible light at the end of the tunnel.

I will find more time to give to this and hopefully, eventually, find a way forward.
2015-07-07 15:00:20
Maybe looking at a snapshot of the page from when it was working will help.

This is the last one where there was a regional classified link (at least for California).
Web Archive 12-28-12 California

And this is the next snapshot. You can see the regional link is gone.
Web Archive 1-23-13 California

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2015-07-07 15:57:35
Chris, if only I could see the resulting page. It wants me to log in, and logging in doesn't seem to work.

I already have the page URL and an idea of how they worked... It's just finding the page template or some other vestige of the glorified search it does that is eluding me.
Starting from scratch is an option. We'll see if we have to eventually go that route. And even looking into how to implement it all over again might help me find the original stuff.
Last edited by BenFenner on 2015-07-07 at 15-59-07.
2015-07-07 16:06:44
Yeah, I think the reason the links don't work is because they go to places which no longer exist.


2015-07-07 16:12:48
Yep, I've surmised that much already. =D
Finding that PHP file, or any mention of it in the software would be a huge help.
Last edited by BenFenner on 2015-07-07 at 16-14-10.
2017-05-29 13:18:48
It should be easy to get these working again now that I'm re-writing the forum software.
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