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Thread: Subscription issue

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2014-08-04 21:16:32
I've got like 4 emails now!
2014-08-04 22:59:27
Fingers crossed it keeps working!
2014-08-04 23:28:06
@Vadim did you fix something or is this out of the blue?
2014-08-05 13:23:30
@BenFenner I didn't do anything, email @Crim asking him if he did anything. It could be that we were simply being spam blocked. Or it could be that the server mailer daemon finally caught up.
2014-08-05 13:48:00
@B15NEOVVL agreed without email alerts I was not really getting reminded to visit threads etc.

Originally Posted by Kyle
Great post by @B15NEOVVL

I, sadly, am seriously considering on not re-upping my sponsorship because of the on-going and ignored issues. For those few days the Convention exists, I see in real-life all the varieties of life our group of people contain and that is more fun than being on here the other 361 days out of the year I wait for the next Convention.

I, sadly, have missed out on other friends threads or posts because of this.

Looking into the iSpy issue, I never use the feature thus I don't know what normal function looks like. Fixed the shoutbox issue, found that timeout was set to 2 seconds. I dont think the forum software magically set it that low, so either someone changed it or there was a bug that ignored the low setting all this time (and after forum got rehosted) it started working fine.

As for emails, if Crim changed nothing, then the ISP, Google, etc. was blocking us as spam. Which sadly is completely out of our hands.
2014-08-05 14:24:37
Now I believe that subscription and email notifications are working correctly. I have a few tests out to see what situations are problematic.

I believe that I have to manually re-add my subscriptions to have the emails work correctly which is a bummer for about 3200+ threads I am subscribed to. (I have the auto-subscribe feature on, email instantly in my settings in the USER CP.

For the three new threads I have recently subscribed to, I have received the email notifications instantly.
2014-08-05 15:00:21
I didn't have to resubscribe to this thread this week to start getting emails. Can you give me an old thread that you subscribed to, so I can test update it?
2014-08-05 16:40:17

Been posting in this thread since the thread has started. I did not get any emails until I unsubscribed and then re-subscribed manually.

I have been utilizing the 'Quick Links' drop down to select 'Subscribed threads' to view current action on threads I thought should be sending emails to me.
Last edited by Kyle on 2014-08-05 at 16-45-30.
2014-08-12 00:43:13
Aaaaaaaaaand its broke again
2014-08-12 01:18:25
Why is it that Google auto-fills in 'sr20-fo' to "sr20-forum down"......???
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