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Thread: Moderator Nomination Thread

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2014-03-06 13:42:00
Moderator Nomination Thread
With @Cliff standing down, we could use another moderator or two. I would like one general moderator and one classifieds specific moderator for now.

I would like to change things up on how we usually would elect moderators and have more of a democratic nomination system. This way if they suck, you only have yourself to blame ... just kidding...

Here are some of the qualifications that we are looking for:
1. Good with people
2. Computer Savy
3. Car savy
4. Been on the forum long enough to understand how things work around here.

Post in this thread if you would like to nominate another forum member who you feel would be up to the task. Please provide a short description on why you think this person would be a good moderator. After that I will create a public poll thread and let the members vote.

Nomination List
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2014-03-06 14:21:38
As of this moment there are 57 users logged in. The most users we've ever had logged in at one time was 544 members a few months ago.
There are 15 general-purpose moderators, 16 if we count you too Vadim.

This means that at the worst, there is one moderator for every 34 active members. And for the users logged in right now there is one moderator for every 4 users.

You're telling me we need more? How can that be?
2014-03-06 14:23:16
@BenFenner , what he is trying to say is, EVERYONE on the forum votes you!
2014-03-06 14:32:36
@BenFenner, Your point is vary valid, but not all moderators are 100% active all of the time, thus additional help is needed to better load balance. Plus I need to admin more then moderate to keep the forum up to date.
2014-03-06 15:16:48
Count me in.
2014-03-06 15:21:21
Maybe it's time some mods stepped down so you can get the help you need without turning every 5th active member into a mod?
2014-03-06 20:08:42
i would love to be a moderator, ive been here for a long time
2014-03-06 20:09:45
on the other hand, i would also give a vote to Jay ( @eggman) if he isnt one already
2014-03-06 20:25:08
Where do we send our resume's to?
2014-03-06 20:28:03
Yah, I don't think that's how this works.
Your history here is your résumé.
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