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Thread: Minimum Search Word Character Length

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2013-02-14 15:35:16
Minimum Search Word Character Length
I was doing a search in the suspension classifieds for "KYB", "AGX", and "KYB AGX", and it turned up no results even though I was staring at a specific post for KYB AGX shocks (a wanted that I posted).

Is the minimum search word length 4? If so, would the mods/admins consider changing this? There are a LOT of three character terms/abbreviations/manufacturer names surrounding our engines and cars.

KYB, AGX, B12-B15, H&R, etc, etc...
2013-02-14 16:08:17
It's been discussed to death. Upgrading the forum has helped some, but lowering the minimum to 3 characters breaks the server due to other sites that are hosted on our dedicated server.

@Crim can possibly look into a solution now that we've upgraded to relatively new software.
2013-02-14 16:14:13
Here are the other threads on this topic in chronological order. Discussion probably belongs in the first one.

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