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Thread: Facebook integration...

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2013-01-05 01:18:18
Facebook integration...
I'm taking this question public.

Do you all feel there would be a benefit to Facebook integration? You'd be able to link your account to the forum, post comments and threads to your Facebook newsfeed, etc. The big kicker of course is driving membership for those that may not be fully aware we exist. With Facebook integration, those that aren't aware will be able to find us and contribute to the community.
2013-01-05 01:20:47
It's Peanut Butter Jelly Time!
2013-01-05 01:42:57
hmm pb&j sammiches.
But i would rather remain hidden.
Last edited by Manny on 2013-01-05 at 01-45-07.
2013-01-05 02:07:48
we'll just keep banning the people we don't like right?
2013-01-05 02:21:59
I'm going to be shellfish and vote no on the facebook integration feature. I don't have facebook (nor do I like it - grrr) and I like the idea of our slice of SR20 remaing somewhat hidden from the mainstream. Although, I do understand that increasing membership is necessary for the continual growth of the forum and helps with advertising dollars as well. If the forum could grow at a slow and steady speed, we'd be more likely to maintain a "quality" membership.

However, in the end maybe it wouldn't even make a huge difference in the rate of new membership?? We don't own Honda's and the SR20 is getting dusty anyway.
2013-01-05 02:59:53
I honestly don't see the member base growing much more with FB integration. I would expect maybe a 10% increase over our current numbers. That won't do much if anything for ad revenue for server costs. The driving factor for server costs is contributor accounts and vendor accounts. Without them, Steven pays out of pocket. As I help with day to day operations, I'm obligated to help him with the costs. I've been doing this by paying for the modifications (when applicable) and devoting my time to keeping things running smoothly.

It's a win/win for me, because we have a great community. We have two separate FB groups already, in which users are posting. Why not bring it all together collaboratively?
2013-01-05 03:18:49
Cliff, I have a feeling you may very weel be right on this one. I also figured that you might have done some pocket digging when setting up the new site. You and Crim would probably know best what it would take to generate the necessary membership/ad dollars to make it so that no Admin has to go into their own pocket, evah!

Like I said in my second paragraph, this ain't HondaTech and Nissan ain't pumping out new SR20's these days so it probably wouldn't make much of a difference. Also, since I don't have facebook, I probably wouldn't notice anything anyway. ;P

The Admin. staff would probably have the best insight on this topic but I think the membership (the few that might vote) will appreciate the fact that you posed this question to them.

In the end, we could always just get the banhammer to come down a little harder on those new facebook youngsters if they get out of control. When the final votes are tallied, if there is a tie, I may just sway the vote to the FB side!!

(I am currently open to bribery! Lol)
Last edited by B15NEOVVL on 2013-01-05 at 03-19-56.
2013-01-05 03:22:32
Thanks for the comments. Also, something else to note is that Facebook Users when "connecting" to the forum are placed into a Facebook User group. They are still expected to register and contribute if they wish to be part of the community. Otherwise, the permissions are somewhat read-only. It'll encourage their participation without trolling.
2013-01-05 03:55:18
Sounds cool, you usually have some good ideas on stuff like this, so roll with it. Doesnt work then take it out.
2013-01-05 14:38:22
Just what,tje doctor ordered.....more newbs that post 2k posts in like half a year
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