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Thread: New forum issues/comments thread

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2012-12-17 14:42:41
Enlarging an image that has been forum shrunk opens it in a new page instead of just making it bigger in the same spot.
2012-12-17 16:29:38
Is there no more ''remember me'' check box when we sign in? Can we get that option again?
2012-12-17 16:33:56
Originally Posted by Cliff
Okay folks, if you're using IE8/IE9, I apologize for the layout being borked up. I'll work on it as I can today at the office.

Please note that there are still issues with the classifieds modification, and I'll be working on that this evening. For now, please remember to input as much information as possible in your FS threads.

Thanks for keeping at all the tweaks Cliff. IE8 with 1280 x 1024 resolution here and noticed the New Post's link does some alignment funny business too.

Again, thanks for all the excellent work.
2012-12-17 16:35:25
Re: New forum issues/comments thread
Might be just tapatalk, but subscribed threads dont save when I subscribe via tapatalk.

Edit: Using the regular phone browser they get saved.

Edit#2: Btw, the new layout on Chrome looks lovely. Smooooth.
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2012-12-17 17:33:25
Here's something relatively simple, how bout changing the web site icon that shows in the browser title bar from, what I assume is still, the Vbulletin one...
Last edited by speedricer on 2012-12-17 at 17-34-25.
2012-12-17 18:12:37
Alignment Good Cliff!
2012-12-17 18:17:26
Working on the IE7/8 style right now. I'll deal with the favicon a bit later. Not a high priority (style in IE is foremost important)
2012-12-17 18:36:47
I don't know if this was covered already but I had a hell of a time just signing in just now. I ended up having to use IE (which I hate) and got 'lucky' because the stupid ad covers the sign-on area and will not let me click past it to actually sign on! Every time I try with Firefox (and many times when I tried with IE) I just get directed to a new website from the ad. NO amount of clicking fixes this. I finally got lucky and clicked in just the right spot NOT seeing my id and password but getting in for now without any ability to click to save my sign on. Can someone PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE move the pop-up ad location by a smidge so I can actually sign-on using Firefox pretty please!

2012-12-17 18:59:31
^THIS made for a fun and amusing sign in experience. My work browser auto clears everything when signed off so clicking in the background was a bit entertaining. I'm digging the new colors.
2012-12-17 19:03:12
I wasn't aware of the firefox issue, but I'm working out the IE issue right now.
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