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Thread: Image Resizer

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2012-03-28 02:06:53
Image Resizer
If you guys haven't noticed it yet, we finally have an automatic image downsizer. Now people can post their 20000000 x 1500000 pictures and we all can see them, and we all can be lazy about sizing down pictures too.
2012-03-28 02:19:01
And for those of you who may wish to, you can disable the feature in your profile settings.

Edit: For those of you who'd like to test and tweak your own settings I will post two large images that should be perfect for testing.

Wide, and shows pixelation well if there is any.

Last edited by BenFenner on 2012-03-28 at 14-40-58.
2012-03-28 14:34:47
This modification is basically finished. There may be a little more tweaking (to get the notification bar to match the look & feel of the forum a tiny bit better, and the defaults may change) but it seems to be working extremely well right now.

You may notice the notification bar is not that horrible yellow color all the other forums have with that silly yellow triangle icon. Also those with Internet Explorer and Chrome should not experience any of the ugly pixelation of the images when they are resized.

If you'd like to change the resize settings, you can disable the feature or change the width and/or height limits to your heart's content. You can find those settings and directions on how to modify them here:

User CP Edit Options The Image Resizer

I'd like to thank Vadim and others for pushing for the change and Cliff for doing such a great job in making this happen and not settling for the normal implementations of this mod. Even I'm satisfied with it.
2012-03-28 14:43:06
Excellent work guys. This will help a bunch in posting and viewing.
2012-03-28 14:43:53
Oh, and here's the final comic if you're interested.

2012-03-28 14:51:28
For those of you with 1280 x 1024 resolution I recommend a limit of 1,050 (or 1,000) pixels wide, and unlimited height. I'll have recommendations for 1920 x 1080 resolution when I get home.
2012-03-28 16:23:31
love it
2012-03-28 17:08:31
Thanks I'm glad it went well given the circumstances.
2012-03-28 22:52:48
For those of you with 1920 x 1080 resolution I recommend a limit of around 1,650 pixels wide, and unlimited height.
2013-02-06 17:44:59
Bump from the grave.

Where are the controls for the image resizer these days?
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