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Thread: Thanks.....?

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2012-03-17 16:04:25

What the hell is this? It is now at the bottom of every post alongside the edit and go-advanced buttons.

What does this do?
2012-03-17 16:17:18
I swear to God that wasn't me.
2012-03-17 16:22:15
I can tell you it appears it was not a mistake, so all is according to plan. I'm sure we'll hear more about it soon. I do believe there are some bugs to iron out (we don't exactly have a a proper production/development environment split here on the forum) so bear with things for a bit.
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2012-03-17 16:36:01
Oooooohhhhh... You can use it for scarcasm aswell!
2012-03-17 16:37:21
I've seen this thanks button on lots of other forums. It's a simple form of recognition. Under your user name on your posts it should say 'has been thanked x times in x posts.'

On other forums it was mostly for newer and non regulars to see whose advice is most likely knowledgable answers.
2012-03-17 16:59:34
The icon design is so out of place.
2012-03-17 17:13:14
Still working on icon design as well as modifying the font size and style. Playing with it more today/tonight.

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2012-03-17 17:14:13
I guess this sort of gives those folks who wanted it their "Like" button.
2012-03-17 17:14:18
Dear god, can we get a un-thanks button for the dipshits?
2012-03-17 17:18:16
Originally Posted by danfiveten
Dear god, can we get a un-thanks button for the dipshits?

Yes actually, after thanking someone, to the left of the thanks box under the post should be "remove my thanks"
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