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Thread: Paypal "Gift" option

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2010-11-12 15:22:22
I don't see how that would be the case. That way paypal doesn't earn any $$.

I have some cash in there now, I guess I'll see if they take the fee next time I buy something.
2010-11-12 15:25:08
If they take any fees, its not from me. Which is what I'm worried about LOL.
2010-11-12 18:29:26
i just bought a clutch kit off of xonelose-r and they didnt charge me a fee. i just paid 80 that was it. it didnt ask me for no insurance or anything. just flat 80
2010-11-12 18:39:46
Originally Posted by Joekuh
You also pay no fees if you have a bank account directly linked to your paypal account.

Not the case. The fee still comes out on the sellers end when he recieves the money if you do it instantly. The only way to avoid the fees is to either use money in your paypal, like they said load the money from the bank account to the paypal then do the transaction or send as a gift or service.

I only do this for people i really trust. Ive done it with a couple sellers on here such as Andreas and a select few others. Ive had people do it for me as well on here when they send me money. I have plenty of feedback and been on this forum since the beginning and on the old forum since 01, 100% positive on both ends. So yeah im not going to screw anyone over so i always throw it out there to send it that way if you dont want to pay the 3% fee.

Again its more of a trust thing. If its a $100-$200 item and a seller that hasnt been on here very long or that i dont know well enough ill just pay the 3-5 dollars extra and send it as goods. That way im safe as far as that goes.
2010-11-12 19:44:10
I think I remember it now. If you have the very basic Paypal account, where you receive under $500 per month, then you are fine. But if you receive more then $500 in any given month then you have to upgrade to the account with some fees.
2010-11-13 00:22:38
If both buyer and seller spilts the fees, than everyone wins. Buyer gets protection, seller gets the money quicker.

If I'm buying something at a really good price, I'll always throw a few bucks extra for fees. When I sell something I just add the total of the shipping with paypal fees to the total of the price.
2010-11-15 15:22:46
If you have an open dispute with someone, are they not allowed to send you your item until you removed the dispute?
2010-11-15 16:36:39
I wouldn't. If you have a dispute open there is a good chance you will get your money back. So Paypal will award you the money right after the other person ships it.

Though I think it will depend on how far it is in the dispute. If Paypal is not involved yet, then let them ship away and then you can close the case without getting the Paypal cops involved.
2010-11-16 05:17:02
Yes I have a dispute with a vendor on here and was asked to close the dispute so they can get the money and shipped the item. For my own saftey I'm not going to close it until it gets resolved. Paypal also told me not to close it either until the item is recieved.
2010-11-17 02:55:52
i like the gift option..ive used it for smaller amounts..as well as larger amounts for big money items..(intake and full exhaust from Tricked)

havent gotten burned yet *knock on wood*
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