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Thread: Donating / Forum Supporter Accounts

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2010-02-23 05:42:16
Thats it guys keep it up. All this great information we have and the great people and clean place are all worth keeping around. Everyone has to do their part in some way. I may not be a mastermind at building track cars and such but I definately love my nissans and am DAMN well dedicated
2010-02-24 07:06:40
Donated today. I havent been around very long but i have already found alot of good useful information and want to keep this place around. thanks!
2010-02-24 21:10:45
Thanks for the support everyone!
2010-02-24 21:23:48
I support even though im the most hated
2010-02-24 22:41:29
^^ most hated? i don't know about that.
2010-02-26 13:13:48
Thanks guys!
2010-02-26 14:17:47
Originally Posted by morgans432
I support even though im the most hated

You're far from the most hated. I don't think we really categorize members as "most hated", "most accepted", etc. Everyone's different and that's what makes the community so great. Sure there are times when people cause too much trouble, but things boil over in time and everyone's back to happy again.
2010-02-26 21:12:19
Thanks everyone for donating

Originally Posted by morgans432
I support even though im the most hated

I wouldn't say you are most hated, you just speak your mind and the people you are speaking your mind to don't always like it...
2010-02-27 21:49:25
donated crim! increase my inbox size!
2010-03-01 04:12:35
Just renewed for the second time but it didn't give me the option for recurring, I wanna go ahead and do it that way.
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