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Thread: Donating / Forum Supporter Accounts

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2008-02-17 16:55:30
Donating / Forum Supporter Accounts
Forum Supporter accounts are now available!

Currently the Forum Supporter accounts have the following features:

·Warm feeling inside for supporting your forum.
·750 PM box limit.
·Access to upload up to 100 images on the forum image gallery.

I am open to suggestions for additional features you would like to see added to this account.

Donation Scale:
$15 - 6 month subscription
$25 - 12 month subscription
$40 - 24 month subscription

You can donate by following the link below:

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2008-02-17 17:02:00
WOOT! First post, first donation!
2008-02-17 20:41:16
Originally Posted by TeKKiE
WOOT! First post, first donation!

ha, I donated Yesterday!!
2008-02-17 20:45:33
Crim, 4096x4096 picture limit is way to big. and when you upload something that big the window gets huge.

I do like how it adds the IMG , URL and the HTML tags already too.

Folder for the images would be nice. but i can work with it. I was going to PM you that, but since you made this thread I might as well post it.
2008-02-18 01:10:28
^^^ a fix to that would be the auto-resizing plugin to the forum. Just like on the old forum
2008-02-18 01:28:28
Originally Posted by CovertRussian
^^^ a fix to that would be the auto-resizing plugin to the forum. Just like on the old forum

yup, we know!
2008-02-18 01:36:09
2008-02-18 01:54:13
Just donated...cmon people lets support the little guy!
2008-02-18 02:44:41
werd, thanks guys!
2008-02-18 02:50:16
Originally Posted by Keo
ha, I donated Yesterday!!

LIES!!! Hooker.

You never had Forum Supporter under your name, until now.

Either way, I still had first post

Now go post whore some stuff!
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