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Thread: Forum Bugs....

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2007-12-12 21:44:02
Well it has been over a day and I am still recieving emails every time I post to a thread
2007-12-12 21:55:27
Hey Guys! Sorry Forgot to check back in here been busy! I'll look into the email issue and the IE6 funky formatting now
2007-12-12 22:24:19
Originally Posted by psalm
Not that it's important, but something I noticed, my posts count doens't exactly match the number of actual posts I've made. Again, not that it's important, just noticed it.

Posts made in OT do not count towards your total post count.
2007-12-12 22:25:33
Originally Posted by llaprad1
That's what I get too..

What browsers are you guys using? I'm having difficulty reproducing that. I've used the latest Firefox 2.x, 1.5.07, IE7 and IE6 and they all look as they should.
2007-12-12 22:28:53
Originally Posted by Crim
Posts made in OT do not count towards your total post count.

Ahh, that makes sense, thank you for the response. Appreciate it.
2007-12-12 22:32:21
Its Firefox 2 something, but its on a Mac.
2007-12-12 22:51:22
I just tried to validate the HTML for this style.....120 errors... that may have something to do with it. Bah, looks like I've got some cleaning up to do.
2007-12-12 22:55:27
+ 1 on the e-mail notification deal. I'll give it another 24 hrs...
2007-12-12 22:56:08
do you guys only get that when you use the search? I see the same behavior a few other places now...
2007-12-12 23:12:47
I looked into the instant email notification issue, to disable instant notifications do the following:

1. click on userCP
2. click on edit options
3. under "Default Thread Subscription Mode" select "No Email notification" or "Do not subscribe"
4. Click save changes.

Now, heres the trick. All threads you were previously subscribed to, you will continue getting instant email notifications for. It must be a bug of sorts with the forum code. So when you receive these instant email notifications, click the link to unsubscribe yourself from the thread. That should do it.

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