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2007-12-11 16:33:36
Welcome to SR20-Forum
Hey Guys,

I'll try to introduce myself to those of you who may not know me, and give some insight into what my intentions are. Please bare with me, as I just had surgery (appendix) yesterday, and aside from being in pain I'm a bit drugged up. On the upside, that means I have a day or two off work to try and get things running smoothly here.

First of all I'm Stephen (registered as Crim..duh) and I live down in Georgia, and I won't pretend to be some kind of "old school"/"old timer" SE-R guy. I stumbled across SR20Forum sometime around 2002 while looking for a project car to play with. I had just picked up a $200 NX1600 and was looking for something fun to stuff into it. Some of you may have read my old posts about doing the 1.6L to 2.0 Turbo conversion in the old howto section. Since then I've owned a classic SE-R and another NX2000, helped countless others here locally in Atlanta put together cars of their own, and just recently rebuilt my first SR20 motor. I've also owned other Nissan cars, including a 240sx and 300zx. So thats my background, again I wouldn't consider myself an SE-R god or genius, but am without a doubt an enthusiast through and through.

So now that you know a little bit about me, what are my intentions for this forum? I'd love to rebuild our community run by enthusiasts (you) for the enthusiasts (you). At this point in time, I'm really flying be the seat of my pants trying to get this forum up and going. I've had experience running forums in the past, but previously I've had time to setup the forum and get it running smooth before being flooded by users. So in short please bare with me, as I'm working as quickly as I can and expect to see changes coming along at any point in time. I would also like to state that if at any point in time in the future I decide that I would no longer like to be apart of this community, or no longer continue to run the forum I will NOT sell it out to some nameless person/company. I would do the right thing and pass the forum down to another member within our community who is interested in taking over the responsibilities.

What I need from you, the community. Suggestions, comments, and questions are absolutely encouraged from everyone. If you see a problem with the forum, post up and let me know. Currently I'm aware of an issue where many people are getting blank or white screens after making a post. Please let me know if you're still having this problem, I'm currently trying to determine its cause and fix it (It appears to be a bug within the forum software). In the near future I will be assigning moderators. If you feel that any moderator is being abusive with their powers, I need to be let known of the situation immediately. All moderators are expected to act fairly and be aware that their powers are a privilege. Also at this point in time I don't plan on taking user donations, not to say it won't ever happen. As the forum grows undoubtedly costs will grow along with it, but having just opened the site it's difficult for me to gauge what the real cost of running will be at this time. If no one objects, you may see google ads at the top of the site, only displayed once, in the normal "advertisement" spot you see on most forums. I have absolutely NO intentions of turning this forum into an ad farm that you can be sure of.

I think that covers it. Again welcome everyone, and thanks for the support!


EDIT-- Also, depending on how much this forum taxes my current server and its internet pipe, I may end up moving the forum to a more dedicated hosting solution. If that ends up happening there may be a short period of downtime, but I will give adequate advance notice to any changes such as that.

EDIT-- I am unsure of the legalities of who really "owns" the content of a forum. Is it the original authors or is it whoever is storing the data? Let it be known that I personally do no condone removing/vandalizing content from other forums.
2007-12-11 16:38:34
Thanks Crim!

Welcome guys, and remember, this site is what we make it.
2007-12-11 16:40:47
Thanks brother. If you need moderators Andreas Miko and myself volunteer to do so. Also as soon as you can get a chance to set up a donation/contribution link id be glad to toss you what I can considering im jobless. Its just the gesture to help. Many others have agreed to do so also.
2007-12-11 16:40:59
Crim...all you have to do is ask, ive ran plenty of forums and am a decen linux admin, so if you need help speak up.

and have you ever been to any of our meets? Like in Calhoun or the such when we do dyno tuning? I dont know if ive ever met you or not.... but im just up the road in Nashville.

I think this is going to be greater than the old forum....just going to take some time for sure.
2007-12-11 17:05:26
I'm down for donating!!!
2007-12-11 18:05:31
kinda fun watching the new forum expand and new thread buttons popping up
2007-12-11 18:15:19
w00t w00t!!1oneone
2007-12-11 18:56:45
Ugly. get back to G20.net
2007-12-11 18:57:34
Originally Posted by Ugly
w00t w00t!!1oneone

you!!! you're everywhere! LOL

crim thank you
2007-12-11 19:13:35
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