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Thread: Where can i find a gas tank? (99 SE-L)

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2023-05-28 21:26:20
I have a bad feeling there’s a bad wire somewhere and it could be a needle in a haystack kind of thing. Hopefully a good shop can find the issue….just need to find one i trust. The engine is in good shape and the interior is 8 out of 10…. Although it needs a paint respray and tires, if i can get it running for a reasonable cost I am willing to invest and bring it back to life.
2023-07-21 19:32:58
Update. After having a very reputable sounding mobile mechanic tell me there was a short in a wire that would be impossible to find and the car should be junked- i had the car towed to a shop for a last effort before giving up on it. …. Much to my surprise, the shop was able to get it started. It turns out there was a broken grommet (or something) in the clutch pedal mechanism that was preventing it from starting. It now starts perfectly fine. After sitting for about 1.5 years, it starts, idles, and revs fine. Havent driven it yet, but first trip is directly to get tires so it is safe and can hopefully pass inspection. Then its going back to the shop to have the fuel and other systems checked to see what else needs work/replacement. So the journey continues.
2023-07-22 05:29:58
Great news! So the rubber grommet that contacts the clutch switch deteriorated? Happens to all of us. Good to hear you finally got someone competent to look at it.
2023-07-22 09:38:41
Yes, that must have been it. The funny thing is, the person that gave me the other diagnosis seemed extremely competent, and was also a big Nissan fan. He had elaborate looking testing equipment and was methodically checking individual wires….wrote a detailed technical report on where there was a short in a wire somewhere deep and would be impossible to find. Guess even good people make mistakes sometimes, and it always pays to get a second opinion. So now it starts, but i imagine I will be fighting fuel issues again (had previously replaced the fuel pump, filter, etc after it sat for many years). The gas in it is at least 1.5 years old, although i did add stabilizer. Big immediate issue is tires… The shop basically wont work on it until it is safer to drive. Thinking Nitto Neo Gen 205/50/15 as a reasonably priced start. Then on to the list of things it needs. Wish i could find more used parts, but people seemed to have left these cars behind long long ago - which is part of the reason i dont want to give up.
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