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Thread: Where can i find a gas tank? (99 SE-L)

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2021-10-16 12:08:55
Where can i find a gas tank? (99 SE-L)
Still trying to revive my 99 SE-L. Need to find a replacement fuel tank. Any ideas? All of the major retailers and web sites don’t seem to carry a replacement. I’ve seen some fuel tanks advertised for 96 or 97 Sentra tanks, but not sure if those fit. Welcome to any suggestions. May need to try to clean the one thats in there…..but if i can find a reasonably priced replacement, I’d rather do that.
2021-10-16 15:16:26
other than trying your local junkyard, I don't know what to tell you but I can tell you that all 95 to 99 Sentra will be the same (so is the 95 to 99 200sx) if that helps?

What I don't know is if the 91-94 Sentra b13 is different
2021-10-17 00:01:47
Car-Part.com--Used Auto Parts Market shows only 98 & 99 fuel tanks when searching for 99 sentra fuel tank.
Normally that site shows interchangeable parts from other model years.
Guessing 91-97 are not interchangeable.
2021-10-21 11:28:29
Thanks...looks like finding a clean junkyard part is my best option. I preferred a new one, as i am not sure what kind of condition a used 20+ year old fuel tank will be in. The local junkyard has a couple of tanks for only $15 or so, but they punch a hole to drain the fuel out. I will try one from that site. Anything to get it going again. Almost there……
2022-09-16 12:16:07
Did you ever find a replacement fuel tank?
2022-11-04 23:11:41
Holy 1 year revival batman.
2023-05-28 12:16:37
Another revival…… Yes, i found the tank at a junkyard a 2 hour drive away in the TX countryside. Made the drive, used various methods to clean out the tank, and installed it with a new fuel pump……. Car ran great for a bit……………then some kind of electrical problem suddenly appeared and the car wont crank. It has been sitting for over a year….. Really dont want to give up on it, so thinking to send it to a shop at some point for a diagnosis to see if it is something simple.
2023-05-28 13:23:48
Car won't crank? Maybe it's new thread time, but check engine grounds (or make your own temporarily with some jumper cables) to see if that is the culprit. It happens a lot on these engines.
A no-crank scenario is pretty easy to diagnose. You'll figure it out, or the shop will. Make it happen.
2023-05-28 13:28:46
Trying hard not to give up on the car….. Realize its very hard to diagnose an issue like that. Was running great one day, then the next day just wouldnt start. The last time this happened it was a neutral switch wire, but doesnt appear to be the case this time. I am thinking it is to do with the clutch or the alarm system….but yes it could be a ground issue. Unfortunately I am not very mechanically inclined, which makes trying to fix something like this difficult and expensive.
2023-05-28 18:47:19
Originally Posted by Cruise246
Realize its very hard to diagnose an issue like that
No it's not. It could be one of like 5 things, each easy to test. If you can't do it yourself, it shouldn't be too expensive at your local trusted independent mechanic. At least for the diagnostic, if you can't afford them to fix it maybe you DIY after that?
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