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Thread: 2_Liter_Turbo's 2001 Nissan Sentra SE (The GF's Car)

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2013-11-06 22:35:33
@2_Liter_Turbo I have a hotshot header I'm going to be selling really soon (doing VE swap this weekend with a ebay header) lmk if your interested
It's exactly this one but does not have the piece for the b13 egr (it has a plug) I actually had it on my b14 with a RR swap and it sounds good!
2013-11-10 22:03:02
I wish I could man, but we don't have the cash to spend on the B15 atm, as I'm in the middle of a VE swap on my P10, ha ha. Thanks for the offer though!
2013-12-22 06:14:01
Well, a few months ago I found a local guy selling a B15 SE-R Spec V Stillen Catback exhaust for really cheap. So I picked it up, hoping that it was a direct swap over (not knowing). I finally put it on the car today, ha ha. It's close enough that you can run it without doing anything, but I think I'll eventually have to modify it a little to fit better.

Here's the factory exhaust... lame

Here's the new one and the factory one side by side

And the new one installed:

The Stillen is a little too long as it sat. Now, they do give you a slip fit section with a clamp for minor adjustment, but it was already in the max short position. I think I'll have to take it to a muffler shop and just have them make it a little shorter, lol. If that section was shortened, the piping and muffler position would have been perfect.

Here's the two rear hangers that are too short for now, but if the muffler was moved forward (like when I shorten the catback) it will be perfect.

The rear muffler hanger is in a completely different spot, lol. I'll need to have a new one welded on.

Because it's too long, the bend by the gas tank was sitting on the heat shield. I bent the heat shield back a little for now, so it doesn't rub. When it's shortened, this will fix that.

The exhaust sits too low to reinstall this little part:

Another shot of the exhaust installed:

The car still has the factory exhaust manifold with pre-cat and main cat, so it's still very quiet with this exhaust. The piping size is only 2.25" vs the factory 2", but it has a straight through muffler and resonator. It sounds pretty good, but quiet, which is perfect for the lady! I'll try to get a video up tomorrow of the exhaust note.
2013-12-22 07:47:44
Also, I will be keeping my eye out for a G20t auto transmission, as they did come with LSD! I think we will be doing some struts and possible lowering springs next to give the car a nice little drop and get rid of the current blown struts! lol
2013-12-22 19:28:55
exhaust looks great. Clean car man. It makes me miss my b15 SE/PP!!
2015-05-15 03:29:09
clean ride
2015-05-16 05:11:08
Built Auto trans for sale. Not sure if its a direct B15 swap.
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