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Thread: 2_Liter_Turbo's 2001 Nissan Sentra SE (The GF's Car)

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2013-02-02 03:35:45
2_Liter_Turbo's 2001 Nissan Sentra SE (The GF's Car)
Went up to Seattle and picked up a nice little car for the girlfriend (she paid for it and picked it out... so proud! Ha ha). Anyways, it's a 2001 Sentra SE automatic trans. Has 154k on it, but it's not the end of the world. Trans shifts nice and smooth. Not sure if their is an LSD auto out there for the RR SR20, but that would be something nice to pick up for it. Not going to do much, but I'm sure I'll talk her into a few things here and there... ha ha. I'd like to find a quality header, but might have to get one made since all I can find is cheap e-bay stuff these days. I'll probably fab up an intake for it and use a decent filter on the end. Seems support for these is fairly minimal, lol.

Couple cell pics for now, I'll take nicer pics this weekend, lol.

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2013-02-03 22:09:34
Congrats, nice to see another Radium B15
2013-02-03 22:31:05
Get some different wheels and you are golden, imo the wheels were poor styling on Nissan's part
2013-02-03 22:53:12
Re: Picked Up A 2001 Nissan Sentra SE
SE wheels are my favorite, other than the 04 spec v wheels.
2013-02-03 23:18:37
Lol, thanks! I'm not a fan of the wheels, but it is the lady's car, so it's up to her
2013-02-06 09:45:36
Nice find. Lsd never came with the auto. A hotshot header would be a good choice if you find one used. I wouldn't waste time with an intake with an auto. Just speaking from experience, I've owned both an auto and now 5 speed of the SE's
2013-02-06 13:00:12
Thanks! Yeah, I figured autos never came with an LSD, was just hoping there was some random japanese trannies that did (like with honduhs), oh well. I mainly just wanted it for the snow. And the intake, I'd do it mainly to clean up the engine bay, lol. Not trying to make a race car or anything (I have my 240SX to go fast, lol), just want to make the car a little nicer for the lady
2013-09-15 07:11:29
A small update to the GF's car, lol.

I picked up this Stillen B15 Catback Exhaust (made for a Spec-V, but going to mod it to fit) for super cheap off Craigslist. Actually not going to install it until the Holidays, as it'll be a Christmas present, ha ha. She's been bugging me about getting an exhaust, so she'll be happy!

A little while ago I ended up installing some "cool white" LEDs in her gauge cluster, because she was complaining about not being able to see her speedometer at night, lol.

And she also wanted it to look more sporty, so we got a brand new Stillen front lip and had it painted/installed.

Oh and I found out that automatic G20ts had LSD, so there is an LSD option for the SR auto
Last edited by 2_Liter_Turbo on 2013-09-15 at 15-27-36.
2013-09-15 14:30:49
Very nice additions.

What kind of led bulbs you used for the cluster and where you get them? I need to do the same to my b15 cluster since the bulbs are getting old.
2013-09-15 15:26:44

I got the LEDs here:

74 LED Bulb - 3 SMD LED Wide Angle Wedge Base | Miniature Wedge Base LEDs | LED Car Bulbs | Super Bright LEDs

The color I got is "Cool White". We originally did Amber, but they were too dim.
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