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Thread: My new SE

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2012-09-20 22:26:01
2012-09-21 13:02:14
Nice find! The B15 SE is a great daily driver. +1 on the SE-R headlights and I agree with Storm about a JWT POP - the sound alone makes it worth it (I've had both a CAI and a POP and I went back to the POP because I was lazy and hated cleaning/replacing filters on the CAI - so much easier on the POP).

But call me weird because I like the stock wheels. I wouldn't do wheels unless you were also doing suspension. I think they look silly with 17s at stock height. But that is just me.
2012-09-21 13:24:54
Nice find! Looks pretty clean considering its from ohio. Every car I was interested in buying out there had rust somewhere.
I have to agree with nismo00, the stock wheels are my favorite from the b15. I run them on my 04 1.8.
2012-09-21 16:04:29
I agree on the stock wheel. Dont go with those spec v wheel because they bend or crack. The stock 16inch wheels hold up pretty well and won't slow you down like a larger wheel.

Seems you got a good deal. 83k is nothing milage wise. I have 267k on my SE. All I've done mod wise is KYB gr2 struts for a 2004 spec-v and a header. The header was definitely worth it and gave a decent bump in power and mpg's. This is my daily so I'm try not to do much. Becareful as these cars rust pretty quick.

For more info check out my thread
2012-09-30 06:22:11
Nice SE! Looks like I got a twin . Do you have any more pictures? I'm curious what the B15 SE looks stock (especially ride height wise)
2012-10-04 13:20:21
Very nice! Love those cars, and I for one like the 16" PP wheels. Great frickin deal too. What else can you buy that drives like that car for even close to that price.... Nothing.
2012-10-06 02:58:08
you found yourself a gem there. i wanted that color so bad, but being that they are so hard to find in the first place settled for a black se w/pp with upgrades.
2012-10-30 16:03:16
Congrats, great find. My 01 SE just rolled over 103k, too bad it has cancer now.
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