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Thread: Flavorsavrs B13 build thread.

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2019-01-02 17:21:37
Flavorsavrs B13 build thread.
I have been lingering around this forum for quite some time and I figure it's time to actually start my build thread soooooooooooooo HERE WE GO

I bought my B13 off Craigslist coming up on 5 years ago. I originally bought the car to be a daily while I was build my S14 I had at the time. Ended up selling that car but never let go of my B13 in hopes that I could build a track day car out of it!

Also, you guys can follow me on Instagram at theflavorsavr

This is how the car looked the day I picked it up.

Just drove the car for a while until I sold my S14 and this car became the project.
Started out with replacing the rack and pinion.

The I replaced the axles with OEM axle seals

Also installed some Energy Suspension engine/trans mount inserts. Also included in this picture are the seals and bearing for the distributor.

Between buying a house and having my daughter the car kind of fell to the side. Until I randomly decided to try and re-motivate myself buy pulling the engine out and tearing it down for just a simple "refresh" I guess you'd say. I did end up installing a header and wrapped it as well around this time.

After some time I was able to afford some Fortune Auto 500 coilovers for the car. I ended up going with the Swift springs in 9k front and 7k rear along with the radial bearing mount upgrade as well.
I also installed some Energy Suspension bushings in the lower control arms, sway bar and end link bushings, and some new lower ball joints.

This brings me up to recently, when I pulled all the interior in the car and removed the sound deadening. First time trying this out, but I ended up adding some Isopropyl alcohol to the mix which basically just maximizes the surfaces area. Worked out pretty good!

So this pretty much where I'm at as of now. The paint has suffered some damage over the years, mainly from sitting outside while I was living in an apartment. I really need to buff the car and it'll look alot better. But I had plans to paint the car at some point. Thanks for looking guys!

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2019-01-02 20:28:13
lookin good bro, gotta love the fortune coilovers
2019-01-03 08:00:57
dry ice fog cascade in the seat well area is an awesome picture!
2019-01-03 08:49:41
I appreciate the comments guys! This is a slow build for sure, but I will keep this thread updated. I'm on the fence about buying wheels currently, can't decide if I should be responsible and put the money into my daily for maintenance or blow it on wheels. Haha.
2019-01-04 07:49:07
There's no turning back now after removing the sound deadening...

What wheels are you considering?
2019-01-05 08:59:02
I'll be running the 6uls. Most likely 15x7 maaaaaaybe 15x8... haven't decided.
2019-01-05 12:05:53
This car could also possibly be for sale.......I have decided that I want to venture in other areas of my automobile journey. I don't think I'll be able to have both cars.
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