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Thread: Crank no start after VE swap

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2017-06-01 23:56:28
Crank no start after VE swap
I picked up a 91 sentra bare shell a fresh VE motor from the importers and a 93 nx2k with a blown motor. I used everything I thought j needed from the nx2k before scrapping it (had way to much rust) I used the 93 engine harness and everything's seemed to go very smoothly with the swap. The motor is in everything nice and tight looking great. I jump in the car to finish wiring up the ECU and find the fuel pump wires are different. The 91 dash harness has a 3 pin connector. The 93 engine harness has a 6 pin connector. Does anyone have knowledge as to how to wire it?

The 91 dash harness has a red/black wire, a white wire, and a blue wire. The 93 engine harness has those same colors so I stripped a little bit of wire off each side and hard wired them into eachother color to color and I'm getting a crank but no start. I'm now 100% sure that's the only issue but foreseeable that's all I can see
2017-06-02 02:14:24
2017-06-02 05:24:05
check that your fuel rail lines aren't backwards, that's a pretty simple and common mistake on VE swaps.
2017-06-03 12:37:26
Realized the connector for the coil was broken a little ways down. Repaired it but I killed my battery cranking so I will charge it up and try again today. Thanks buddy
2017-06-03 17:25:24
Got any pics of your project? Sounds cool!

I've got a '92 NX FSM and can send you some wiring diagram pics if you want...
2018-08-19 17:33:23
I know this is over a year old, but figure anything out?
I'm bout to start a new thread, got the same issue. crank, no start. 4 door 1.6 auto to 2.0VE manual with VE dizzy.. crank no start
2018-08-21 19:52:58
Looks like det-ser92 did make a new thread: b13 4door 1.6 auto to VE 5speed and VE dizzy swap

I'll read and reply there if I have any advice.
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